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My Rosh Hashanah Message

Dear KoD,

I am going to tell you three little words that every man likes to hear. You. Were. Right. Yesterday evening I didn’t feel so well, scratchy throat, blocked sinuses, and I was cold, oh so cold. You brought me Advil and took my temperature. You tucked a blanket around me while I watched TV. You told me I should think about postponing my drive back.

I awoke this morning feeling really cruddy. You took my temp again, but thankfully, it was normal, no fever. I took some cold medicine and told you repeatedly “I will be fine”. You wanted me to stay another day, to rest up and feel better, before driving home. I should have listened.

BH nothing bad happened on the way home, and I did arrive safely, but there was a period of about an hour when I really had to concentrate harder on the road, because I wasn’t seeing too clearly. I had developed a fever, as soon as I realized it I took Advil, but while I was waiting for it to kick in, the road tried to play tricks on me. I was going to pull over to the side, but was worried that I would fall asleep at the side of the road for hours and not be home for the kids after school. The worst of it passed, and I was safe.

I should have listened to you. I was worried about getting the car back on time to the rental company. I could have just called them and paid for an extra day, as you had suggested. I was worried about the kids – but if I really needed them to they could have stayed with their dad an extra day. I just don’t like changing plans mid-stream. I missed the kids – I wanted to see them.  But they would have been fine without me for another day if it had been necessary.

You told me you would have waited on me hand and foot if I had stayed, until I felt better. That sounded so special and awesome, but it would have made it even harder for me to leave the next day. Truth is, sweetie, I never want to leave you. It will be 18 days until we see each other again. 18 long days without seeing your awesome smile or the twinkle in your eye. Having you pamper me for an extra “found” day would have eventually made the pain of separation worse. So I applied my stiff upper lip, and soldiered on. But I wish I hadn’t.

But rest assured, KoD, that your step-sons are taking good care of me. Our eldest prince has put on his chef’s hat and is cooking supper. The others are busy hugging me and asking me if I am ok a bajillion times. So far I have been brought tea, and juice, and milk and cookies and a lego construction project. Squiggy even offered to unpack for me (so long as he didn’t have to do the underthings…lol).

It is so hard to decide the right thing to do. I am a mother first and foremost. But my position as wife is just as important. And if I don’t take good enough care of myself my ability to perform either role will be severely compromised. I was not raised to put myself first. But there are times I need to learn to be a little selfish. I think this was one of them.

Thanks for putting up with me, Dude. For letting me be the ME I need to be, even though it exasperates you sometimes, I’m sure.

Just do me one favour? Next time I am being stubborn, remind me that you are usually right, and that I even documented your rightitude this time?? Thanks.

Your QoH

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Oh Happy Day!

It was a year ago today that the KoD and I met online. Such a wonderful year. Wonderful because we found our soul mate. Such a blessing, such an awesome feeling to know I am with my beshert.

Last night I spent a good hour reading through the initial emails that were flying back and forth between us. I laughed, I cried, I felt my heart expand even more. Jokes about us both having baggage – me wondering if it was a matching set, him asking if his luggage needed to be pink. Me telling him that Pinkitude comes with me, package deal, and he has to be able to handle that. Him telling me it was no sweat, easy peasy.

iranme 002

Exchanging photos of the kids and kvelling over them. Him constantly asking me that night for my phone number and me making him wait a day or two until I allowed him to call me. Playing hard to get works sometimes you know.

He took a risk and told me about Lucille, his Harley. I fell off my chair in absolute delight. Risk paid off, eh, KoD? I was lucky enough to ride Lucille with the KoD this summer. Truly an awesome experience.


Those first few emails – the email thread was at least 200 emails long – brought us closer, in a matter of mere hours. I still remember sitting at my kitchen table eating dinner with my laptop for company (kids were at their dad’s for dinner) when I got the first email. By the time we had finished the kids were home, all tucked up in bed and I was sat on the sofa in the living room with a huge grin on my face. The attention was awesome and flattering, and I had a feeling he was an awesome guy.  I didn’t want to go to sleep in case he replied to the last email I had sent. I think he felt the same way.

monsey 027

It was ten days until we met in person in Lake George. Ten days of hours spent on the phone every night, sleep not necessary. From the moment we physically met that was it, inseparable forever. Here is the story about that night.  The following weekend the KoD wanted me to come to Monsey to meet his people, to see where he lived etc. He drove up to Montreal to pick me up. He drove almost 6 hours to get me, and 6 hours to get back to Monsey. And did the same for the reverse journey. What a guy!! It was awesome to sit and talk in the car and really spend time together without any distractions. We talked and talked. I subjected him to some of my music. I am an 80s chick all the way. I am still way touched that he didn’t ask me to switch it off. That’s love for you. He’s a blues man thru and thru.

shabbat 010

Now that was an awesome weekend. I stayed at friends of his, who are now my friends too. We ate one of the Shabbat meals at a family who I had known here in Montreal years ago – so they could have, if we had asked, vouched for either one of us to the other. It was so important to see each other in our own environments. We had a black tie event that Saturday night – and he was so proud to walk in there with me! It was all people he knew and worked with, no one I recognized, but I was just so happy to be there with him as his date. By this point we both knew that this was it, that we were meant to be together.

iraNme 009 - Copy

It wasn’t long before he came up to Montreal and met my boys and got their seal of approval. Soon after, we became engaged – he proposed in front of my boys after privately asking their permission. We were married February 15th 2009 in front of God, friends and family. Click here, here and here for the wedding story.


The time we spend together is awesome, but it is never enough. I love watching the KoD with my boys – they adore him and respect him and love him to pieces. Some nights when he calls when they are still up I cannot get to the phone to speak to my husband for an hour while they all fill him in on their day – and he has the patience to listen. (More than I do, sometimes). It will be just a couple more months until we will be living together under the same roof in Monsey, having been granted our entry visas (please God let it happen soon soon soon).


After a whole year of knowing my KoD, I am more in love with him now than I ever was. My love for him grows every day. It’s hard to even remember a time when he wasn’t in my life. He completes me. When I was dating I knew I didn’t need a man to make me happy. I worked on myself a lot, and knew that my own personal happiness and satisfaction had to come from within. If you rely on someone else for that you are setting yourself up for failure. The KoD adds to that. He builds on that. However awesome I felt about myself, there is no way I could make myself the centre of my universe. With kids, no mom can do that. The KoD has put me squarely at the centre of his, and I know he will deny me nothing. I know his love for me is pure and deep. I see it when I look in his eyes and see his soul.

100_2384 - Copy

I just wish we could celebrate this landmark day together.

My true love hath my heart and I have his……

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Say Cheese!!

We did professional photographs erev Shabbat of the barmitzvah. I have to say that these pictures are amazing and stupendous and I am in awe of how the camera seemed to capture the essence of each child. These pictures were also awesome in that they were family shots. With me. With the KoD. Together. A family.

We had a total blast at the park posing for the professional pictures. Hanging from lamp posts and pointing at non existent things in the distance.

Tonight I got the album and the CD-Rom, within minutes the pictures were uploaded to Picasa and Facebook so the family can shepp much nachas with us. I think my men need to pose for a Jewish GQ.

So here is a pic I can share, that of me and my delicious hunky hubby the KoD.


And here is one taken at the end of the shoot as they were all walking off to the car. It’s one of my favourites.


And you know what was on my mind as I was scrolling through the pix – “I wish I would have worn heels”. I had a broken toe and couldn’t. I am so shallow sometimes….

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Cool Rider

Lucille comes home for a visit!

(Mum – DO NOT READ!!)

lucilleLast night I got to cross one thing off my life’s to-do list – ride a Harley. KoD had a Harley a while back, and much to my chagrin, sold it before he met me. How was he to know he was soon to meet and marry a Harley fanatic?! She is a beauty, isn’t she? He named her Lucille – how many of you know who or what the original Lucille was?

So the dude who bought her is a friend, and KoD asked him last week if we could borrow her for a couple of days. Of course he didn’t tell me and totally surprised me!! Now, you must understand, hardly any Harley owners lend their bikes. It’s just not the done thing. So this was an extra special favour.

HarleyDude rode her over yesterday. KoD and I were sitting watching some telly and all of a sudden KoD jumps up and says “that’s my bike!” – I couldn’t even hear anything, but his spidey sense was going off. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see her. HarleyDude visited with us a while and we drove him home. We came home, ate a quick supper, KoD davened, and we got changed to go for a night ride.

harley 004O M Goodness Gracious Me!! The KoD came downstairs totally Harleyed up from head to toe. FatBoy boots, black jeans, Harley tee, Harley belt even. Scrumptious. Because he hadn’t ridden her in a while, he took Lucille for a spin around the block a few times, alone, just to adjust to riding her again. I was waiting by the door, helmet on, jumping up and down with excitement. Like a little child. But you must understand, I have dreamed of riding a Hog forever!

Finally he thundered up, and showed me how to climb on safely without burning my leg on the exhaust pipe thingy. You know something, it’s just like climbing on a horse. Except with way more power – 1450 ccs of it! They don’t call a Harley an Iron Horse for nothing!  I grabbed on to his waist, listened to his instructions, and off we zoomed.

I wasn’t nervous at all. KoD has been riding motorbikes for over 30 years – he is a safe driver and I trust him. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have gone riding with him. It’s that simple. He had explained to me that when he leans to take a curve I need to lean with him. I wasn’t even conscious of doing it, it was just so instinctual. Riding locally was fine, we weren’t going fast, and I adjusted to the feel of being on the bike.

harley 006Then we hit the Palisades Parkway and accelerated big time. Wheeeeee!! To me the thrill felt like the adrenalin when you are sitting waiting for the roller coaster to begin. And it just kept getting better. KoD drove so smoothly, was very aware of his surroundings and took no risks. He is the safest rider around.

You know how when you drive along and a bike pulls up next to you at a stop light and you look at it and salivate and think how lucky the driver is that he gets to ride such an awesome bike? We were those people!! What a mind trip!! The boys and I notice Harleys wherever we go, take pictures, send them to KoD and he tells us which model and what modifications were done. Apparently you don’t just buy a Harley and ride it as is.  (You learn something new every day!)

Anyhow, so we rode over into New Jersey, and came home via the scenic route. It was just awesome. I felt so free. I think I had a huge cheesy grin on my face the entire time. Riding on a bike makes you see the scenery differently than in a car, and I think you are just more vigilant and aware. In a car, with the windows closed, you don’t get to come into contact with the sounds and smells of the countryside. Ok, granted, some you don’t want to suffer through, but it’s an added to dimension to one’s experience.

The only problem as far as I see it, is that it’s very difficult to have a conversation with your riding partner without feeling like you are yelling. And your mouth gets dry. And bugs fly up into your face. But it is all so worth it.

I had the ride of my life last night and it was all I imagined it to be and more. Thank you HarleyDude for loaning us Lucille, and thank you to my KoD who is the most awesome husband ever. (any chance of riding her later on, my love? Pretty please?)

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You know how sometimes you look back at certain chapters in your life and wonder what the heck you had been thinking? This post is about that, but in a more positive way.

The KoD and I got married almost 5 months ago – and as regular readers know, we have been separated geographically for most of that time, with the occasional weekend that we have been able to spend together.

Various factors have conspired to keep us apart, and we do know that time will take care of all of them, and soon with G-d’s help (and the USCIS’s) we will all be living under the same roof.

I look back at the last few months which have been very tough in some ways, being married but not being together, being married but still living the life of a single mom. Going through major and minor issues knowing that the KoD is by my side as a strong support, but emotionally, not physically most of the time. Sometimes you just need that big warm hug to make all the stress disappear for a moment or two.

But how did I know that the KoD would be there for me 100%, how could I have possibly guessed that he would never waver, never run for the hills, even when the going has become tough? How did I know that his loyalty and belief in me was never even a question, that it was the answer every single time? I don’t think we could possibly have understood how difficult the last few months would be – yet it has made our bond that much stronger.

Every time we take our leave from each other it feels like there is another crack in my heart. My soul weeps. It hurts, it hurts so deeply. We knew we would have to do this, but putting it into practice has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.

The first time I took my leave was 9 days after we got married, and my SIL said to me that I was the bravest woman she knows. That she would never have been able to do it. I told her I had no choice. I am a mommy AND a wife and the kids have to come first. The kids even told KoD when we got engaged that he ought to know he is #5 on the list 😉 .It doesn’t mean I didn’t cry the whole 6 hour trip back home. I did. But it had to be done.

The KoD has proven to me time and time again how constant his love is for me, and for the boys. I know without even the shadow of a doubt that he would drop everything in a heartbeat to be by my side if I asked. He’s done it before. He would do it again. No questions asked. He knows I would do the same.

When I am stressed he is my first call. He listens. He never judges. He understands the subtext. He takes my anxiety and irons it out. He is my safe haven in the midst of a storm. He is the masseur on my knots of life. We have been through so much together – and he has been constant. If anything has changed, it is that we love each other more now that ever before. All this stress has made us stronger, a force to be reckoned with.

KoD – your QoH loves you more now than ever. Thank you for all you do, for what you say and what you don’t say, for the love that pours out of your eyes and caresses my soul. We have been truly blessed by G-d to have found each other.

Celebrate Good Times!

To My KoD!

Tomorrow at 1 pm we will have been married for exactly 3 months – 89 days – 2136 hours – 128, 160 minutes – 7 689 600 seconds. I have had some wonderful, happy days in my life, most notably the days that all four of my sons were born. The day that you made me your wife there was a feeling of rightness to it, such pure joy, such contentment, such absolute bliss [plus I didn’t have to go through hours of painful labour (ok maybe the wedding planning….)]


I will never forget waiting in the Bride’s room to be told that you wereNJP_3531 - Copy awaiting me under our Chuppah. I just wanted to run straight to you and stay in the circle of your embrace forever. I hugged my sons who were so very happy for us both – and I walked those few feet to the Chuppah alone, alone for the very last time. You walked out to meet me, in front of family and friends, and the world faded around us. It was just you and me. Together, finally. Our wedding was perfect, just as I dreamed it would be – perfect because I married you, the man of my dreams.


P2150051 - CopyYou continue to show me the depth of your love for me, your strength of character, your faith in the face of adversity, your never-ending supply of patience. Being apart from each other is a huge test – harder than either of us thought it would be. But you keep me focused on the end goal – living together under the same roof in the same city; you help me deal with the sadness by reminding me how we need to make the most of any time we have together and not waste it with wishing things were different. You have such a calming effect on me, my KoD. You are so wise and rational – I don’t know if you noticed but I tend to be a little more on the emotional side….. 😉 . i love how much fun we can have, and how we can discuss everything under the sun. I love how you weigh my opinions and are not afraid to disagree.


I look forward to every day with you, being in your life. I love our epic long conversations. I love even just being quiet with you – there is such a peaceful feeling just being in the same place as you. (Yes folks, I can be quiet). It’s like the world is finally on the right axis. I love waking up on some Fridays knowing I am going to see you for Shabbat and counting the hours. I love that my heart starts to knock real hard on my chest walls when I drive up our street in Monsey, or when you drive up our street in Montreal. I love that every time I see you I fall in love with you all over again, even more deeply every single time. I look in your eyes and I am overwhelmed by the love that I see there.


Last Rosh Hashannah / Yom Kippur I davened so hard for Hashem to help me find my missing half if He deemed it to be the right thing for me. I had no clue how fast He would work on my behalf. I am in awe that He listened to my prayer.


I was reminiscing with a friend this week about the first time you and I met, in Lake George. This friend babysat for my boys. She was there when I got home all starry eyed and deeply in love. What I felt for you then pales in comparison to what I feel for you now.


My KoD, you are my rock, my knight in shining armour, my best friend. I look forward to loving you more every day for the rest of our lives.


With deepest love

Your QoH.


OUR WEDDING STORY part 1, part 2, part 3

The Royal Wedding (Part Three – The Celebration)


Part One

Part Two


The King of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts briefly spent some much needed alone time together, had some formal portraits taken for the royal album and the stamps that will soon be issued to commemorate their union. The immediate family joined the couple for photographs, and then it was time for the bride and groom to greet their guests.


Sir Alastair, Master of the Queen’s Music, (who is only 17 and did an awesome job) started playing the introductory music, the couple was introduced as Mr and Mrs KoD to the crowd, and the festivities started!! The Queen was carried off to dance with the ladies, KoD carried off to dance with the gents. The Queen was in her element, in the centre of her circle, dancing in turn with the two Queen Mothers, one of whom showed the younger folk exactly how to cut a rug in style. Rock On Ma!!


The dancing was fast and furious, and the Queen who had been fasting all day, felt the lights spin around her a little too fast for her liking. She had been dancing energetically with the multicoloured Lady Dee when she felt her balance desert her. She crumpled to a semi-upright heap on the floor – and one of her lovely handmaidens brought her a glass of water. The Queen had neglected to remember that she had been fasting all day, and had had but one cup of coffee all that day. All that exertion overtaxed her royal highness.


Meanwhile, over on the side where the menfolk were partying, Prince Squiggy, with a broken leg and stuck in a wheelchair, was hoisted up into the air in order to feel a part of the celebrations. I am of the opinion, as were many in attendance, that it was just as well the QoH didn’t witness this, as she would have had another collapse. I was however assured, when I enquired about the safety of this stunt, that he was belted in, and there was no possibility of him falling out.


The princes (the littler ones) were hoisted on shoulders by their uncles, and totally enjoyed the music and the dancing. Prince ChatterBox totally enjoyed running around with his betrothed, Princess Blondie.


The music ended, and all made their way to the lavishly decorated tables in order to partake of the royal wedding feast. Sir Marmaduke of Flintshire, Master of the Ceremonies, was in charge of making sure the afternoon ran smoothly. He performed his duties well – even when holding his dear sweet baby. He started off with a toast to his sister and her new husband – it was heartfelt and sweet, and the Queen was observed to shed a tear or two.


The KoD’s oldest brother, the Duke of LaCrosse, then arose to speak to the assembled guests. An accomplished speaker, he held everyone’s attention until he sat down to a loud applause. His words were spoken from the heart, and so apropos to the royal couple – his affection for them was obvious to all to see.


As the meal progressed, the happiness level in the Great Hall rose, everyone there was just so thrilled to be part of this special occasion.


There were more speeches, but our dear Queen chose not to speak, even though some of her closest ladies-in-waiting did ask it of her. She felt too emotional – she had held back tears for most of the day, she didn’t want to lose it now.


The Revered Rabbi shared some religious thoughts with us – he always speaks so well, and we were all honoured by his presence, and that of his lovely wife Lady Celia, Keeper of the Royal Secrets. Prince Lenny then briefly took the floor, giving his mother and her new husband his best wishes for their marriage. Then, as a last minute request was granted by the Queen, Lord Antony of Hallamshire, Knight Marshal, the Queen’s older brother, rose to address the assembled nobilty. Now, being an older brother, he was a little cheeky, alluding to the Queen’s actual age – but his speech was so full of love that the Queen had to giggle at his antics. However, she will get him back at some point, but will bide her time until then.


KoD spoke also, welcoming guests from far and near, and he even told a joke. The Queen of Hearts looked adoringly upon her man as he spoke, and more teardrops were spied falling from her eyes.


As I sit here chronicling the lovely spectacle of this royal wedding I am transported back to that day – I wish there would be a way to bottle the feeling in that Great Hall and sell it. The joy was just so palpable. The smiles and hugs abounded.


Finally, as the sumptuous meal drew to a close, it was time for Grace after Meals. Seeing as this was a celebratory meal, the honour of leading the Benediction was handed out to an honoured guest – in this case the Honorable Viscount Eli, Keeper of the Royal Chronicles, of the court of the King of Diamonds. At the end of the benediction there were seven specific blessings directed towards the royal couple. Among those honoured were Sir Julius the famed “Flying Dutchman”, Sir Redbeard of Bedfordshire and the Queen’s honorary brother Sir Curlsalot.


After the Grace was completed it was time for the honoured guests to take their leave, and return to the far flung corners of their respective kingdoms. The Queen and her King thanked everyone personally for gracing them with their presence. Finally, it was just the King and Queen and C/V and Lady Diddliedee left in the Great Hall. These two ladies have been awesome ladies-in-waiting, and the Queen has asked me to inform you that she has promoted them both, and they can now call themselves Dames of the Diamond-Heart’s Empire.


The torches were blown out as the King and Queen departed from the Great Hall, to begin their lives together.


Hand in hand they walked off together into the sunset. (well, they would have done had there been no snow on the ground…)


….and they lived happily ever after……..

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The Royal Wedding (Part Two – The ceremony)

(part one)



The doors to the Great Hall were thrown open, and there she stood, the Queen of Hearts, more than ready to marry her beloved. The crowd parted to allow her to proceed unimpeded to the Chuppah. As she neared the marriage canopy the King of Diamonds stepped out from under it, and walked to meet her and escort her to their canopy. This was not something that the Queen had been expecting and she felt a swoon coming on, but squelched it there and then. This was no time for swooning, even for a Queen. The Queen Mother of Hearts covered her daughter’s face with the veil, and the ceremony commenced.


King and Queen stood together under the chuppah maintaining eye contact for what seemed like hours. All who were present were assured beyond a shadow of a doubt that this royal couple loved each other with such a deep and abiding love. Many times during the ceremony they were witnessed to be staring deep into the other’s eyes – truly their souls were communicating.


The revered Rabbi made the blessing over the wine. He held the cup for the King to sip from, and then did the same for the Queen.


The King was asked if he had the wedding ring – he produced it from his pocket. Two witnesses were asked a very important question – was this ring worth more than one pruta (dollar) – to which they answered that indeed it was. (one would hope so, after all, this is the Queen of Hearts we are talking about here!!)


The King was instructed to place this wedding ring on the index finger of the Queen’s right hand. He intoned the words “with this ring you are consecrated to me according to the law of Moses and Israel” – and slipped the ring on her finger. The Queen had explained to the King weeks before that the wedding ring was sized to fit her ring finger, and that the index finger is bigger, so he was not to try to force it over the knuckle. In the solemnity of the moment, this slipped his mind, and he tried to force it over the knuckle. The Queen chuckled, and gently disengaged her finger from his. As the Rabbi continued the ceremony the Queen surreptitiously slipped the ring onto her ring finger.


The Rabbi then read out the Ketubah, the marriage document, that spelled out the King of Diamond’s obligations that he has to fulfill as a husband. This is written in Aramaic, and personalized for our Queen and her King. This document was witnessed by two very respected pillars of the King and Queen’s court. The KoD then handed it to his bride, according to ancient tradition.


Seven blessings were then recited over another cup of wine – each blessing was given to a visiting dignitary as a sign of honour and appreciation of the part they have played in the KoD and QoH’s life. Again, the bride and groom drank a sip of wine. Once this was done it was time for the King of Diamonds to finish the wedding ceremony by stomping really hard on a glass – a sign to all present that we should remember the destruction of our Holy Temple, even at the happiest times in our lives.


As soon as the glass was broken, a huge cheer went up, and people started calling out their congratulations, as that was the signal for the end of the ceremony.


Within seconds the little princes came running to congratulate their mother and her new husband, and the newlyweds were surrounded by well-wishers, wanting to kiss and hug and congratulate them. The royal pages were trying very hard to escort the King and Queen to a private room, but found it difficult to navigate through the throngs of people. Finally the King and his Queen managed to break free and made it to their own private suite, where they shut the door on all the merriment outside.


(part three)

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The Royal Wedding (Part One – before the ceremony)


 As written by the Royal Scribe.

 Sunday morning, the sun rose peacefully over the Kingdom of Hearts, shining its happy light upon the Queen and her loyal subjects, all gathered at her court to celebrate her union with the King of Diamonds. The KoD’s court had trekked up to the wilds of the frozen tundra for this momentous occasion.

 Among the guests were both Queen Mothers – flown in on the wings of love from distant corners of the world. The Queen Mother of Hearts was joined by her husband the Prince Consort. The Queen Mother of Diamonds was escorted by her oldest son, the Duke of LaCrosse.


 The Queen’s brothers travelled over many miles in order to make it to this momentous occasion, traversing seas, fighting armies, slaying dragons etc – and to honour them for this tremendous effort the Queen has renamed them –Lord Antony of Hallamshire, Knight Marshal; and Sir Marmaduke  of Flintshire, Master of the Ceremonies, whose lovely wife also joined him on his long trek, the fair maiden, Lady Rose.


 Prime Minister Z! and her husband R rode their chariot all the way up from the wilds of New York to partake in the festivities – we honour them for this effort.


Early in the morning the Queen arose in a radiant mood, her warmth and happiness bestowing light and warm fuzzies upon all who came into contact with her. Her princes awoke with smiles upon their faces and with so much love in their hearts. They even showered without complaint.


 The first order of the day, after the royal coffee was percolated and drunk (before daybreak, as the Queen had orders to fast on this, her special day) was that the Queen and Queen Mother were to put themselves in the hands of the Royal Artist who was deputized on that special day to make our Queen look even more spectacular than she does on a regular day using cosmetics and the like. Lady Amy acquitted herself impeccably and the results were stunning. Lady Annie worked on the Queen Mother with equally spectacular results.


 Once the Queen had returned to her chamber, it was time to dress. She was ably assisted by the Queen Mother and the lovely Lady Rose. It was remarked by all, once the dress and veil were in place, how lovely our Queen looked – her joy was palpable and sang out to all of us as she passed us on her way to the Great Hall.


 With much pomp and pageantry the Queen of Hearts was settled in the bridal antechamber near to the Great Hall, and sat there in her special white throne of honour. Our Queen decided to take time at this juncture to communicate with G-d – to thank Him for the blessings she had received, and for the joy she felt at uniting kingdoms with the King of Diamonds. Once she was finished with her prayers, the royal photographer, Sir Nicholas, arrived to capture the Queen in her bridal finery on film, to keep for all posterity.


 At this point all the honoured guests started to arrive at the Great Hall, renewing old acquaintances and creating new ones. The Queen was anxious to hear word that the King of Diamonds had arrived and was waiting for her under the marriage canopy. The fixed hour for their marriage approached – and the Queen wanted to greet her King. (especially having not seen him for a long time nor texted nor spoken to him since the night before). The Queen kept sending minions to find out the status quo until she finally heard that her King had indeed arrived.


 The honoured Rabbi entered the Queen’s antechamber to bless her just before he performed the ceremony. The Queen was deeply moved by his words and blinked back a tear or two. Once this was done, there was much scurrying about while the guests arranged themselves near the marriage canopy.


 Four very respectable men were chosen to hold up the canopy, beautifully adorned with the tallit that the Queen Mother of Hearts and her Prince Consort had gifted to the KoD on this momentous occasion. While the canopy was being erected, the Rabbi supervised as the KoD donned his Kittel, his white garment that he wore as a sign of purity. Once the Chuppah (marriage canopy) was in place, it was time to proceed with the ceremony.


 A page was dispatched to call the Queen from her bridal throne. She was more than ready, having spent the last few minutes in silent contemplation of the solemnity of the occasion. As she readied herself, the King of Diamonds stood under the Chuppah to wait for his bride.



to be continued…..


(part two)

(part three)

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