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I will not be blogging much in the next few days as I am leaving for New York for an extended weekend with my KoD. The kids have mid winter break and are spending it with their other parent. I had reserved a rental car at the beginning of the week at a good rate, but yesterday I cancelled it. Empress CaresALot called me, and asked if I wanted to drive down with her and her kids as they had a family simcha to attend. Heck Yeah! Her timing fitted in with mine, the schedules aligned perfectly. Such a gift from God. Usually I have to do the drive alone. Sometimes I relish the peace and quiet. Sometimes, well, I start talking to myself to relieve the boredom. So to have a driving partner and built in entertainment (the kids) is just phenomenal. We will be cranking up the 80s music and singing at the tops of our lungs.

I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen today baking 144 chocolate chip cookies for my KoD and my boys. It was a great feeling watching the boys walk in the door after school, sniff the air and jump into my arms thanking me for baking them their favourite treats. Then they tried stealing them when my back was turned. Which of course, I did not notice at all. Nu uh! (For the recipe and how-to pictures for the chocolate chip cookies go over to my fan page on Facebook- linkage up top, on right).

Have an awesome weekend everyone, I hope to be back to blogging by Tuesday, if not before.

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 So I figure that being as it’s the last full week of vacation that I should do something extremely fun with the kids. I never learn. I should give them options to choose between, instead of allowing them to come up with their own suggestions. I was thinking alomng the lines of the local theme park…..they were thinking ROAD TRIP!!!! Of course, they totally conveniently forgot that their mother hates to highway drive as she has minimal highway experience AND that I am rather directionally challenged.


Their first suggestion was Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Vermont (a 3 hour drive). Great suggestion and it includes ice cream – how bad could that be? And I have done that drive before. Easy as pie….well, almost. Then someone remembered that there is a Six Flags in Lake George – they drove past it on their way home from NY last week (also 3 hours away). Very quickly the ice cream people changed their little minds and the chanting began – six flags! lake george! six flags! lake george!…come on Ima, it will be so much fun, you can do it, you know you can, we’ll navigate for you (gee, do you think they are aware of my challenges???). Then number one son comes up with “you do know that you can rent a GPS? And I can even read it for you because I know it’s difficult for you”. He means well. He does. And that certainty of my innate inability to get them there is what pushed me to agree to it. I will prove to them, but even more so to myself, that I can get them there without getting too lost. (Hey, I am a realist!!)


But all is not terrible. My girlfriend decided that she and her kids will join us, and she is a driver too. So we can switch off if necessary. Hopefully it won’t be the blind leading the blind (or the blonde leading the inner-blonde)….you know I loves ya T!


It is all so worth it because the kids are psyched beyond anything I have seen in a long time. Their excitement and faith in me will get us there. I shall make sure that the barmitzvah bochur says Tefillat Haderech. And I have printed out the google map directions – for both ways, and they seem pretty straightforward. No global positioning system, but I have my own GPS – God’s Protective System. I trust in Him….Aint got no choice in the matter.


So, spare a positive thought for this loving indulgent mother driving a fire-engine-red chevy van up the freeway – if you see me coming, get out of the way!!!