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Rocking to a different tune

Tonight I said goodbye to a dear dear friend. My rocking chair has moved on to greener pastures. My rocking chair was bought for me as a first anniversary present by my then husband. We were two months away from having our first child, and he put it together himself.

I remember being 9 months pregnant and rocking in that chair as the early contractions made their presence known, counting the intervals while I rocked.

I sat on that chair, spent hours there, nursing all our babies, rocking them to sleep, cradling them as I smelt their sweet breath, felt their downy hair against my skin. I fell asleep in that rocking chair many times, curled up next to the baby’s crib as he slumbered peacefully on.

My favourite memory ever of this rocking chair took place 13 years ago, when Squiggy was just over a week old. My grandparents, may they rest in peace, had shlepped up to be with us for the Bris, and we were hanging out at home until they had to go back. My Saba, my blue eyed grandfather who I adored, had been sandak at the bris. We had named my baby for his son, my father. It had been an emotional morning for us all.

Saba sat in that chair, and asked to hold the baby. I passed him the receiving blanket, it was white with mint green elephants, and he spread it across his lap. I gently lowered the baby into his arms, and watched him snuggle into his great-grandfather. My Saba sat there like a king, holding the world’s most precious treasure. And gently he rocked back and forth, singing his special song to the baby. I can still see the joy with a tinge of sadness on his face. (see below for pic)

As the children grew it became a favourite place to read stories and talk about life – back in the days when they were small enough to sit on my lap, sometimes two at a time. I do remember one time when all four of them crowded onto my lap, were they ever really that small??

The last year or so it has been sitting idle in the big boys’ room, a haven for discarded clothing, towels and toys. Of late, I curl up in my recliner, and when reading stories, I am lying with the little one in his bed.

It was time for the rocking chair to find a home where it will be treasured and used, not sit forlornly in the corner living on memories alone. But I shall miss it. But I will treasure the hundreds of special times we had with it.

ETA – with all this decluttering going on I actually found a pic of my Saba with Squiggy on the rocking chair. the receiving blanket was not the one with elephants…amazing how the memories work… Here’s the pic.

misc 004

and i also found this picture (my scanner is long broken, so this is a pic of a pic) that i adore….
misc 006
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