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Leil Limmud

What the heck is with people? ARGH!!

Next week is Shavuot, and the male folk of our community traditionally stay up all night learning Torah. My boys are all planning to be at their yeshiva learning. Well, except for the ChatterBox, he is way too young. I think it’s great – if they can do it, more power to them. A lot of men find it extremely difficult to learn all night, and forego this all night learning marathon session. I believe they know their limits and are respecting them. There are some programs for women too, and as emancipated as I am – I shall be sleeping, thank you very much. I am too old to stay awake all night by choice.

I was asked if I am “letting” the KoD stay up all night to learn. Who on earth gave any woman / man the power to allow their spouse to do something, especially something religious??!! If the KoD wants to stay up all night and learn, good luck to him, better him than me. If he doesn’t – that is his choice. Not my choice. Does he have to ask me permission to daven in the morning? To make brachot? To go to shul? Do I have to ask him if I am allowed to go to a shiur or go to the mikvah?

So, apparently, I was unaware of this, there are a bunch of women who forbid their husbands from Leil Limmud (all night learning) because they feel their husband’s place is to be home with them, able to help out with the kids in the morning, take a couple to shul with him, instead of snoring away until noon or later. They feel it is unfair for them to have to deal with a cranky and tired husband over the rest of the holiday. So they don’t allow their men to go learn. I am flabbergasted. I would never stand in the way of my husband wanting to learn Torah, or my kids – I just don’t get it. I really don’t.

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Shavuot Update

momo's 7th birthday 004

Shavuot was awesome. KoD drove up, arriving the afternoon right before Yom Tov, but it was still Prince ChatterBox’s birthday. The prince received his present from us once the KoD had arrived safe and sound and had a chance to catch his breath. This (pic on left) is his gift from us – he asked the KoD for one about 3 months ago.  The kid made out like a bandit for his birthday!


We had some awesome meals over the holiday – only one of which was cooked by me. We even had a cheesecake taste test and so totally overdid the dairy – but it was soooo worth it. We socialized a lot with great friends. KoD did the shul bit – I stayed home to start reading the Twilight series. I finally decided to find out what all this hype was about. I read the first two, have handed them on to my eldest prince to read, and all the princes will read their way through them. The stories are not complicated, but I can see how teens have gone crazy over the books. They are no Harry Potter though.


KoD went back to NY earlier today. This parting thing – it never gets any easier. Every time he leaves or I leave I feel as if my heart is ripping apart. I try not to cry – but being an emotional being I end up in tears.  I know we will be together again soon, but it is never soon enough. We need prayers to help expedite the visas so that we can be one big happy family. I know it is all in G-d’s hands, but the waiting is just so tough.


Every time I see my KoD, my love for him grows stronger. I could never imagine loving someone I didn’t give birth to this much, and certainly not at my stage in life. My KoD is such a gift from G-d and I am so very thankful that we got to spend Shavuot together, and I am thankful for any time that we get to be with each other.


OK I am getting way too sappy for a Sunday night. I shall wish you all a wonderful week. I shall be power walking a lot this week as I ate so many thousands of calories in the last few days!!