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A Tale of Two Stores

I am sufficiently calm now to be able to relay today’s events in a somewhat non-histrionic manner. I need to set up the boys’ rooms for when they come down. There are a few odds and ends of furniture that I need to get. I was recommended to go to a specific store in the heart of Monsey that has fabulous stuff at good prices. I walked in there ready to look seriously for what I needed. I know my budget, I know what I need, research has been done. I am primed for the buy! I looked around for a sales person to help me. I heard someone on the phone, so I followed the sound. There was a woman sitting at the register yammering away on the phone in a language other than English. It was apparent to me that she was talking to her daughter (I have a flair for languages). I cleared my throat. Loudly. Nothing. She didn’t even look up. Finally I said in the same language she was speaking – Excuse Me!! She told her daughter to hold the line a second please, looked me up and down, and asked me in a sulky tone – “can I help you?” I explained what I was looking for. She waved a hand dismissively at the showroom – “this is what we have, go look”. She resumed her phone call. I was obviously dismissed. I walked right out of there. They may have good stuff at good prices – but I will be damned if I will give my business to anyone that can treat others that way.

Fast forward a few hours. The KoD and I return to the heart of Monsey but this time to a different store. We walk in, and the woman is yammering on the phone. As soon as it was noticed that we were looking for some help, she ended her phone call and came over to help us. Another sales assistant also helped out, and they could not have been more polite or courteous, and they certainly didn’t look at me or the KoD with disdain. They were knowledgeable about their products and worked extremely hard to make sure we left their store happy.

Gee, I wonder which store will get my business?? The interesting thing is, that after my first experience today I was tempted to say that all people from a certain background were like that, and they are all disgusting and rude and judgmental. And who would have blamed me for that? My second experience put the lie to that and proved what I really know, that they aren’t all like that. But you know, it is all too easy to pigeonhole people, and to use the behaviour of visible minorities (or those that dress differently) to label the rest of the group. A slippery slope, my friends, a slippery slope.

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Dress shopping – total fail

I have a wedding to attend on Thursday. A very close friend of mine is getting herself hitched and we are all very excited to kick up our heels and celebrate with her and her new hubby. It is going to be awesome.

I wanted to have something new to wear, because, well, I wanted something new. I am perfectly aware I don’t need anything. I have a few fallback options in the closet, but I wanted to at least go and see what is available. After all, it is holiday season, and there are lots of party dresses on sale.

But what I failed to be notified about was that all of these party-going-women supposedly have the most toned arms ever, the most lovely shoulders, the most perfect cleavage and the longest legs, not forgetting the most perfect figure. Oh, and they also don’t mind being freezing cold in the middle of December! Seriously, every dress was either strapless, or with one shoulder strap, very short, very tight and very low cut. Leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. One sneeze and the dress could fall off!! Are there no women out there that want to wear sleeves? Or wear a longer dress or skirt? That don’t want to show their exact chest acreage?

Finally I found something almost modest – only it was for larger women. (Being skinny does bite sometimes.) Found something else that I could tzniusify (make modest) – three hundred buckaroos. No thank you. I left the malls empty handed. 5 malls. One woman. Not one dress or outfit that would have been perfect. And because I didn’t get the outfit, no shoes were bought.

I shall have to wear something I have worn before. Now I have to make that decision. Black or navy? Can I dance in comfort in it? Which shoes? Which purse?

Yeah I know, this should be my biggest problem….Amen!

So darling KoD, what shall we do with the money I saved today by not buying myself something pretty and new??

Edited to add – these are the two outfits to choose from :

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Suit Yourself

Why are boys so difficult to shop for / with? We went today to get suits for the upcoming barmy. The barmitzvah boy is still growing so I am waiting till the last possible minute with him, but I shlepped the others. They would have been more than thrilled to walk in, point at something that looked alright, and walk out with even trying it on. What am I saying? They would have been happier to stay at home and have me buy the suits without them! We went to the factories because when you are buying multiple suits you have to do it as cost effective as possible. So the décor was not exactly conducive to long discussions about the merits of double breasted vs single breasted jackets (like I know the difference? They both have buttons?!!). like the kids could even have cared?


But still, I had one kid wheeling around the warehouse on his heelys not even bothering to stay still long enough to try the jacket on, another one willing to take the first one I touched, and the youngest telling me that whatever Ima thinks is best he will choose. Where is the thrill of the chase, the high of finding a bargain, and in the right size too? Does this look better than the first, let me try the other size on again? No, none of that. All I got was – Yeah Ima, one said, it’s a suit. I need a suit. Works for me, Ima. Do I really have to try it on? But its gonna look dorky over my teeshirt………<more eye rolling ensues>. Can we go now? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease??


I could have sworn we were in the factory for hours, in fact it was less than 20 minutes. I even managed to find a long denim skirt for myself, but the kids sucked all the fun out of that. Ima, we didn’t come here for you, you have enough clothes already (perish the thought!!).


And you know, I must be a glutton for punishment. They needed dress shoes too, so I figured while they are already in abject misery let me just take advantage. 3 shoe stores later they were done. Salesman at the last place said I was lucky to have boys. Said girls come in with their mothers and take hours and then don’t even buy anything. My boys were done in less than 5 minutes each. Yeah fits, looks good, you’re paying Ima so who cares about the price……lets go and end this nightmare.


Do you have any idea how many hours and stores it took to get my ensemble for the barmitzvah together? And I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Is it kids, or is it the male population that hate to shop? Sigh…..thank G-d that’s over and done with. All I have to do now is take the barmitzvah boy himself. Oh what a barrel of laughs that promises to be.


3 suits – hundreds of dollars

2 pairs of shoes, slightly less

Torturing the kids – priceless…..