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Swimwear for the modest woman

This week is my start to get back in shape week. Back to the gym, set up physiotherapy and start up at the pool. I joked on FB that it’s time to get out the shvimkleid. You know, those long sleeved and beskirted full cover swimsuits. I don’t own one, nor do I wish to. When I swim I will be swimming at my gym during ladies only swim times. Some women are strict even at such times, and will be covered head to toe and then some. If I am in the pool, and the lifeguard is female, and the other swimmers are female, I personally don’t feel the need to cover up. My black one piece is fine.

Will I cover my hair in the pool? If I do, it will be so that the chlorine doesn’t destroy the color.

Is there a need, in your opinion, to cover up in front of other women?