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Burning both ends of the candle

This has been an insane couple of days. We got back early Monday morning from Monsey, slept a bit, then I took the kids to school and I went to work. I felt awful all day at work but figured I was just tired. Of course all the late nights that have accumulated over the last few weeks of dating and being engaged have nothing to do with anything, right? I am young, I can still sleep only 3 hours a night and function, right? Apparently not right.


Woke up at 3 am Tuesday morning with fever of 102 and feeling like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Figured I would try to go back to sleep after popping an advil or ten, and would wake up in time for work feeling fine. Nope. It didn’t happen that way at all.


Luckily my princes are the most awesome of kids and were able to all help each other get off to school, and they kept chasing me back into bed. At one point they even threatened to call KoD on the phone to tattle on me. I meekly listened.


I was hoping it was just a temporary blip on my horizon, and that this morning would find me raring to go. Nope. It didn’t happen that way at all. Was throwing up at some ridiculous dark hour this morning. I was so nauseous that I looked at the coffee I made myself at 7 am, and turned away from it.


I have spent the last two days under my covers sleeping away the most part of the day, waiting for the fever to break. I missed my KoD even more so, because I needed him so much. Those of you who know me well know that I hate needing people.  I tried to not whine and moan and kvetch, because I know it had to be driving him nuts that I was sick and he wasn’t here physically to take care of me. My fever has finally broken, BH, but I am exhausted from being sick. I kept thinking that I should use this time that I am sick to plan the wedding etc – but it just required way too much brain power.


The kids spoke with KoD last night (as they do every night, the little one refuses to even go to bed until he has said g’night to his future step-daddy) and he must have told them something, because this morning when they shooed me back to bed they claimed they were doing it in his name. “KoD made us promise to look after you.”


I am hungry, which is a good sign, but the idea of actual food nauseates me. At this rate I will have no problem fitting into my wedding gown that I have not yet purchased.


One thing that has comforted me through these last two difficult days was that soon enough KoD will be by my side for good, and we can weather whatever storms come our way together. Its so wonderful to know that and to feel it in every fibre of my being.

In desperate search of a wife

 It is day three of the ickie sickies at our house. We have been dealing with a stomach bug, coughs and colds. Today Puffin has a raging fever and his conversational efforts leave me dazed and confused. Will be taking him to the pediatrician later.


Most of the time the single mom thing is manageable. Most of the time I am well adjusted to doing it all alone. Most of the time. Right now I could really use someone to come and spell me, so I could run to the store to pick up some groceries, so I could take 5 minutes to run a brush through my hair, or even take a shower. Right now I could use someone to hold me and understand just how tired I am, offer to rub my back and watch the sickies for an hour so I can take a rest. Right now I could really do with someone to cook dinner while I sponge down the febrile child, read stories to calm hysterical ickie sickie, someone to do the laundry while I mop up the vomit.


I think what I really need more than anything is to just have someone to listen to me while I kvetch, to put their arms around me and tell me they love me, even tho showering hasn’t been high on my priority list.


Sigh. Any wives out there looking for a temporary position?


In recent days there has been a radiothon at the local children’s hospital. They have been raising money for life saving equipment and for the hospital foundation, to allow it to continue the wonderful works that it does. Click here to donate.

While I have been in the car I have been listening to the stories of these incredibly brave children and parents that have been interviewed. At one point yesterday I had to pull the car over to the side of the road so I could pull myself together after a terribly poignant story. A mom was telling the story of her son who had a brain tumour that was inoperable. He was around 15 when he died. His legacy she said, was that he lived each day that he had to the full, for he did not know if he would have another day on this earth. As his mother she was so proud of his attitude. She said that as his family they were struggling, but he was positive and strong, he was a fighter.

What an inspiration! All the stories that have been shared on the radio have reinforced my gratitude to God that my children are healthy and well, and that the trials and tribulations that we all face on a daily basis are nothing compared to what some people have to suffer through.

So often it is children who teach us the way to live. Hearing all these inspirational stories over the last few days has been such a lesson of hope.

Shabbat Shalom – hold on tight to those precious innocent children, and may all childhood diseases be eradicated in our time.