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Ethical question

This question always comes up when you are planning a simcha on Shabbat. Can you invite a guest to join in your simcha when you KNOW s/he will be mechallel Shabbat (break the laws of Shabbat) to get there? I am sure there are fixes – offer them a place to stay near location of event, even if they refuse, you are yoitzer – is this true?

How have YOU addressed this issue in the past?

Disclaimer – for any halachic questions please contact your local rabbi – I am not a halachic authority…


All the mazel tov wishes and messages have been awesome! KoD and I want to thank you all for the warmth and support you have shown us, those who know us in real life, and those of you who “know” me through my blog, FB and / or Twitter.  Your excitement has been a wonderful boost to us!


Stay tuned for wedding details etc – I am sure I will need to pick your brains often. Right now we want to stay on our Cloud Nine for a while.


May we celebrate many more simchas together.