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Bottoms Up!!



I am not a huge drinker. I am a social drinker, but not to the point that I get sloshed. I drink beer (only Corona) and single malts and girlie drinks. However, I like to think that I am something of a Single Malt aficionado (can that be feminized? Aficionada?) KoD doesn’t drink – I like to say he doesn’t drink yet, he hasn’t been married to me long enough – just kidding!!! But he understands that single malt is a big deal.


So Friday Night we were in Potomac, home of the Duke and Duchess of Lacrosse, brother to the KoD. The KoD mentioned my preference for single malt and my snobbishness about it. (The Duke and I had already spent time discussing which wines we would have for Kiddush and with the delicious meal). So, the Duke wished to test me and catch me out. He poured secretly from a blended scotch and from a single malt, and brought me both shot glasses, not telling me which was which. I proceeded to knock both back, immediately identifying the blend. It was just not….not……not single malt. Apparently I impressed the Duke because he brought out Johnnie Walker blue label and allowed me a glass. (yes it is a blend, but a blend of the finest whiskies you could ever taste – Blue Label….). After all that I could still hold a conversation and walk a straight line! Good thing our bedroom was mere metres away!


Apparently I passed muster – I got the Blue…..Yay!