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Boys Boys Boys

Why do they not notice when they smell? Seriously! My boys all shower every morning. It wakes them up and they are fresh smelling and clean for school. One of the older ones came home from school yesterday, and it was extremely obvious that he had been running around all day long. He really needed to shower and deodorize. In his school they do not change their clothes for gym, and they certainly do not have any showers there, so they can’t exactly shower after gym. (A rant for a different day). They all have deodorant in their lockers, but that can only mask so much even when they remember to use it.

He came home, and we schmoozed about the day, and I asked him politely to go take a shower and get comfortable. He didn’t feel like it. Sweetie, I think it’s best that you take a shower now. Nah, Ima, I’m cool. I took one this morning. The soft approach was totally not working.  Eventually I looked him in the eye, and told him that he smelled very ripe and needed to take a shower NOW. He got all offended and stomped off, complaining how I am obsessed with cleanliness, how he showers in the morning, and he doesn’t smell, and life just isn’t fair. But he got in the shower, and I stole his dirty clothes out of his room so he wouldn’t put them back on. (Do your boys do that? I cannot figure that one out!!)

When he had come out, got himself dressed and was calm I asked him how I should go about asking him to shower next time, when he really needs it and doesn’t realize it,  without him getting all stroppy with me. Telling him that he stinks is rude and offensive – something one of his brothers would say, not me. So I expected him to come up with a code or a cool catchphrase. No. At sleep-away camp his counselor had told them they needed to shower in a unique way. He wanted me to tell him the same way. “You smell like a horse, hit the showers”. He says if I ask him that way he won’t fight me. It just seems mean though.

Everyone tells me that once these boys discover girls they won’t need to be reminded about showering and deodorant and grooming etc. But what do I do in the interim? Invest in a gas mask?

Helpful tips desperately needed.

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