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Swimwear for the modest woman

This week is my start to get back in shape week. Back to the gym, set up physiotherapy and start up at the pool. I joked on FB that it’s time to get out the shvimkleid. You know, those long sleeved and beskirted full cover swimsuits. I don’t own one, nor do I wish to. When I swim I will be swimming at my gym during ladies only swim times. Some women are strict even at such times, and will be covered head to toe and then some. If I am in the pool, and the lifeguard is female, and the other swimmers are female, I personally don’t feel the need to cover up. My black one piece is fine.

Will I cover my hair in the pool? If I do, it will be so that the chlorine doesn’t destroy the color.

Is there a need, in your opinion, to cover up in front of other women?

Listen carefully


I woke up as hoarse as anything. Mind you last night when the KoD called he thought one of the kids was playing tricks on him because this voice he didn’t recognize answered the phone. It was me, the girlie girl who sounded like a man yesterday. Today I sound like nothing, just a barely discernible croak. Luckily they all read by now, so I can tell them what to do in note form. (Ok, waking them up by showing them a note – that didn’t work. Reminds me of a joke, let me see if I can find it. Yep, found it)


Every time I get a cold I end up with laryngitis, every single time. My doctor always tells me to be quiet for 4 days. Yep. Not gonna happen. But truth is every time I strain my voice it takes that much longer for my larynx to heal. Some doctors will give antibiotics for laryngitis, some don’t. If I go to the walk in clinic I won’t get antibiotics, but if I manage to scrounge an appointment with my GP I will. Perhaps I will just email her and have her call in a scrip to the pharmacy. She’s done that before.


So – I am supposed to go swimming later with my workout buddy. Will this exacerbate my cold and laryngitis or not? I remember as a kid not being allowed to go as I could pick up more germs if I was under the weather. But surely the chlorine kills all those germs? Exercise is supposed to do a body good, no? Let me know what you think.


Have an awesome day!