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Pulling my hair out

FrazzledI am trying so hard to be positive and upbeat for my piggy-flu-ridden kids. This is day 5 of the ickie sickies. I am at the point that if I hear anyone call for Ima I may just run and hide. We have been inside for days, only in our own company. As the kids start to feel better, and they are BH, the bickering has started up again. You are sitting in my seat, it’s my turn to choose a movie, I don’t want to eat this I want that, he’s looking at me funny, don’t breathe on me….

Through it all, because they are sick, I am supposed to be extra patient and kind. I have been on duty for 130 hours with absolutely no break. (Or maybe with a 10 minute break to go get them fresh movies). I have slept, but fitfully, knowing they will need me in the night. A dear friend went shopping for me, but I have no energy to make the different meals they want. I made a huge pot of chicken soup and noodles last night. I ordered in pizza the night before. Taking a shower yesterday seemed a luxury.

Can’t ask anyone to come over and help me unless they have had the trayfluenza. BH none of my friends have.

I feel as if I am getting to the end of my rope, and there is not enough coffee in the world to help me today.

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UPDATE on the sickies

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Piggy Flu

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