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What else don’t I know?

My 14 year old son usually comes home from yeshiva for breakfast and lunch. We are 5 minutes walk from the school, so he has the time. I like it because I get to see him and make sure he eats properly, and I get him to do a chore or two meanwhile. This morning he emptied all the apartment’s trash cans and took it to the garbage room. Without complaints.

He usually strolls in around 9 am, this morning he was home at 8.30.

“Hey sweetie, what you doing home so early?”

“Um, yeah, its Behab”

“Behab?” no clue what he was talking about

“Behab, after the chagim, Behab, you know”

Turns out he didn’t exactly understand what it was either. So I turned to my references – Twitter Jew Crew. I tweeted “what the heck is Behab??”

Within 60 seconds I had some answers.

@yeshivaguy beis, hai, beis. Us menfolk do slichos in during the monday, thursday, monday following pesach/succos. Behab 4 short.

@judahe first Monday Thursday Monday (B”HB) after festivals.Some fast to atone for overindulgence of one form or another during chag

I was also directed to this blog which actually explains it better than I ever could.

I have been Jewish all my life, Orthodox all of it too. How is it that I keep hearing of things that I never heard of before? Is it because I had a Jewish girl’s education? And that I am raising boys now, so there are a lot of things that didn’t pertain to me, but that they are aware of? Sometimes I just feel as if I am so ignorant.

But it still doesn’t explain why my son was home early…why shachris was shorter. They did say tachanun….

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