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WWYD – theatre situation

My friends were recently at the theatre for a concert – it was a treat for an upcoming birthday. They had bought tickets, and had really nice seats. They were looking forward to their evening out for weeks on end.

They got to the theatre early, scoped out their seats, and settled themselves. A little later a group of three older women entered their section and upon looking at their tickets, sat themselves next to my friends.

The lady that was sat right next to my friend was wearing a face mask. You know, one of those surgical masks that they all seem to wear in China and Japan. But this was a high class theatre and seemed out of place.

Various things ran through my friends’ heads. Is this woman sick and preventing herself from breathing her germs over everyone? Is she afraid that everyone will breathe on her? Or is she just being antisocial? Is it even appropriate for her to wear such a mask in the theatre?

My friends became increasingly uncomfortable and went and asked the usher if he could move them. He totally understood their discomfort and reseated them elsewhere.

So WWYD in the situation? Would it have made you uncomfortable to be sat next to someone in a facemask? Would you have spoken to the woman herself and found out why she was wearing a mask? Would you have done as my friends did and asked to be moved? Or would it not have bothered you one whit?

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