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Social Media – Use it wisely!

Many many companies are now on social media, but unfortunately not all businesses are clued in on the best way to utilize the various platforms.

Chobani should be held up, in my mind, as a shining example of all that a business should be on twitter – ALL ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I recently had a bad experience, after buying a case of Chobani from Costco. Every single yogurt was mouldy. It must have been a bad batch. These things do happen. I tweeted them immediately expressing my frustration and disappointment. Immediately I was responded to.  Within the week I had a handwritten note from the folks at Chobani apologizing for my negative experience, and a huge handful of coupons for FREE Chobani that more than makes up for the loss of the case. I will totally continue buying Chobani, and will smile every time.

On the other social media hand, I had this experience last night. I have had a rough week, what with one thing and another, and the KoD wanted to spoil me and take me out for a fancy dinner.  We got to the restaurant, and they wanted to seat us 2 feet from the bathroom. There was no way we  wanted to sit there – who would? They refused to reseat us elsewhere, and we ended up leaving. I tweeted what had happened and included the restaurant’s Twitter handle.

This morning I got back a one word tweet from them “Sorry”. SORRY? That’s it? You lost my business last night, you have potentially lost my business for a very long time, you alienated some loyal customers and all you can say is SORRY? No offer for a make up dinner, no offer for a coupon, NOTHING. This is in their public twitter feed. People can see this conversation and see that this restaurant cares NOTHING for customer service. People can search for this restaurant before they go there and this conversation will come up in the search results.

If you are going to have a social media presence use it to promote your company. Better to not be online than to be there and use it to make your business look bad.


Full disclosure with kids

In this day and age it seems as if no one has any secrets any more. Facebook and twitter and blogs and texting – well, some people use the internet to record every waking moment, every thought, every event. With some of the new applications out there, you can even update your location with maps and everything. (I briefly signed up to foursquare. I deleted the app from my Blackberry yesterday. Not for me).

Some of my friends have their kids as Facebook friends. I don’t allow my children to have Facebook accounts, so I am not worried that they will read something on my page I don’t want them to see. In fact, I won’t add a friend’s kid unless they are over 18 and I know them well.

Our kids are used to knowing everything real time. But how much is too much information? We sit down and talk to our children about the dangers of drugs and smoking. It has to be an honest conversation if we want them to really understand the consequences of certain types of behaviour. But then again, if you were a pot-head as a teen – and your child / teen asks you if you ever inhaled – do you tell them the truth? Perhaps a sanitized version? Perhaps the truth with a huge disclaimer along the lines of “we didn’t realize back then what consequences it could have had, and now I regret it”?

I have told my kids that smoking is bad for them. They know their grandfather smoked a heck of a lot and died at a young age. They also know that if I ever caught them smoking they would be in trouble. “It isn’t the cigarettes that would kill us, Ima would kill us first”. But it’s totally hypocritical of me. As a 17 year old starting college I smoked. Silk Cuts to be precise. For 3 months. I tried hard but I couldn’t get addicted. Thank God!! If the kids ask me if I ever smoked do I tell them the truth? That I did it to fit it with all the other students who were puffing away? That it did nothing for me except make my clothes and breath smell? Or do I lie and say I never smoked? I try so hard to be honest and open with my children – but where do you draw the line?

How about disclosing a previous marriage? Do kids need to know about that? Sometimes people have had a “starter marriage” – first marriage, totally wrong for each other, lasted all of 10 seconds, everyone moved on to bigger and better things, leaving just a tiny little blip on the horizon. Do children of the subsequent marriage have a right to know about the first one? Is it any of their business? Is it a part of what makes them who they are, or is it not necessary to their life? I have a couple of friends who had babies in their teens as unwed mothers and gave them up for adoption, moved on with their lives, got married, had more kids – when do those kids need to know about their mother’s story? Never? What if that child comes looking for his / her biological parent?

As the children get older the boundaries seem to blur a little – their maturity level makes them more understanding and trustworthy. They can handle uncomfortable truths. But does that mean we need to share all those family secrets that we have been withholding up until now? How much is too much?

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Fave Tweet of the Day

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Super Bowl #44

I watched it. More for the commercials that anything else, truth be told! Thing is we are not into what the Americans call football* in this house, being more a hockey house than anything else. But the Super Bowl is a tradition, and we watch every year.

I was very much looking forward to watching with my boys, but the little stinkers defected and went over to their uncle’s house to watch with the MEN! No women allowed. Harumph. They said that my comments last year were just too girlie (I was worried they would not get the grass stains out of those tight white pants the players wore) and they need to watch it in a girl-free zone. (Or as my 7 year old put it – a free-girl zone).

That didn’t stop me from watching though. But I wasn’t really watching it alone as I had my laptop with me and watched with my twitter buddies all over the world. I still do not understand the game at all. Downs and lines across the field. They play for 5 seconds and then have a 5 minute break where we got to see the most horrendous commercials. (Male pantlessness was a theme in the commercials). I cracked open a beer or two hoping that after some alcohol was imbibed the game might suddenly make sense. Nope. Didn’t.

In the middle of the lame halftime show (The Who got so old) the KoD called. I missed most of the rest of the halftime show and the rest of the game, except for the last 10 minutes. Hey, no game is more important than speaking with my man. And yes, I turned the TV off in order to speak to him. Every so often he would update me with the score – I guess he checked online.

There were some really funny tweets, and some amazing celebratory ones as the Saints totally creamed the other team. I am so looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics with my tweeps, specifically the figure skating. Now, that is going to be a hoot. That sport, I understand the rules. I have watched it since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I can hold my own.

My favourite commercial was this Doritos one.

*Football to me is what the Americans call Soccer, or what my mother has eloquently termed “men kicking balls”.

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So the twittersphere is all abuzz over the Shorty awards. People voting left and right. @Meira_D nominated me for a #blogger award, and @MarkSoFla – well there wasn’t a category for his vote per se, but it touched my heart. You guys are awesome people. Thank you. The rest of you – thank you so much for your continued support. I feel so surrounded with love and light.


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Who are YOU to censor ME?

The other day I had an interesting exchange on twitter. I had just posted about whether I should cut my hair or not, and how much the KoD loves my hair. This gentleman took exception to it. I tweeted about an email I had received telling me it was not modest for me to blog about my hair – and that I was ticked off. This guy responded. I amalgamated his tweets into the following: (spelling mistakes all his)

I don’t know I kind of felt uncomfortable reading it & don’t think I’d like it if my wife shared that about me. I think it is ok as a woman-to-woman discussion but not in public posted for all to see IMHO. obviously I’m not poskining [making a legal ruling] here. Just telling you how I feel as a guy who loves his wife’s hair. I felt like you shared an intimate part of your relationship. Afterall why do u cover your hair? I could be oversensative. I really like long hair & am sensative to my wife repeating what I say to her in private. Quest bcomes is it enough if ur hub gives permission. It may still not b approp if ur audience is uncomfortable & rav says no.

I asked the KoD if he felt that I was sharing something intimate about him, the fact that he loves my long hair. He said he could understand how this fellow might see it that way, but that it didn’t bother him at all. (and it isn’t like I asked him “permission” to blog about it. Whenever I blog about him I usually ask if it’s ok, but most of the time I know what he is comfortable with and what he isn’t. When in doubt I ask)

What bothered me most about the exchange was how offended he seemed to be, this twitter dude. If it offends you, don’t read it. Don’t presume to tell me what I can and cannot write about. And do not tell me to consult my rav before I blog. I do not consult my rav before everything I do. (and that’s another blog post in and of itself). The majority of my readers were so not offended – except for that email and this twitter dude himself.

This still doesn’t sit right with me. It isn’t like I was discussing intimate details of our married life in public, which is something so totally private that I would never share. I feel like other women could sympathize with my dilemma, and that other men could perhaps use this post to understand some things their wives go through.

What are your thoughts?

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Beit Twidrash Dictionary

Not a day goes by that I don’t participate in a BeitTwidrash discussion on Twitter, and inevitably there are words and phrases that go right over my head, and I ask the crew to explain them. I guess if I had learned in a yeshivah (oh, and was a male learning in one of those Batei Midrash where they use their thumbs and fists to punctuate discussions) I would know all these terms.

So here is my attempt to pull together a list of terms that the layman/laywoman can use to understand the torah talk on the web. Please note this is just a start – I will add on from the comments as the terms come in. It’s a work in progress. Please publicize it. Thanks.

Adaraba –  it’s the other way! or actually, it’s the opposite!

Aseh – positive commandment

Assur – forbidden

Aveirah – Sin

Avreich – young guy who learns in Kollel

B’dieved – after the fact

Bitul Zman – waste of time

Bochur – a young man

Boosha – embarrassment

Brings Down – cites

Chacham – wise guy

Chavrusa / Chavruta – study partner

Chassunah / Chatunah – Wedding

Chiddush – a new idea

Chosson / Chattan – bridegroom

Davka – specifically intended

Deoraisa – law from the Torah

Derabbanan – law instituted by Rabbis

Gadol, Gedolim – Sage, Sages

Ger – Convert

Get – Divorce

Hashkafa – outlook on Judaism

Harchaka  / Harchakos – distancing behaviours practiced btw husband and wife when wife is Niddah (see Niddah)

Hechsher – mark of kosher certification

Hishtadlus – effort and initiative

Kallah – bride

Kasha – a question; also groats

Kal veChomer – How much more so

Kaveyochil – as if, metaphorically speaking re: God

Ketubah – marriage contract

Kisui Rosh – headcovering

Klaf – parchment

Kofer – heretic

Kvetch – to complain

Lashon – language

Lav – a commandment that was commanded in the negative – thou shalt NOT kill

Lechatchilah – ideally

L’havdil – I’m going to compare two things, but for philosophical reasons don’t take the comparison to be equivalence

Lo Taa’seh – negative commandment (see Lav)

Machlokes – argument

Makir – recognize

Makpid – Particular

Maskim – agrees

Meakev – prevents

Mechutzif – someone who is disrespectful

Meiseh, BubbeMeiseh – Story, Old wive’s tale

Mekarev – bring closer to religion

Mekor – Source

Merachek – push away from religion

Metzious – phenomenon / nature (according to @DovBear facts or essence)

Mikvah – Ritual Bath

Minhag – custom

Minyan – a quorum of ten men

Mistamah – most likely

Mitpachat – headscarf

Mitzvah – positive commandment

Modeh – agree with, recognize

Moser (Mesirah) – to snitch about a fellow Jew to local governement

Muktzah – forbidden to be moved on Shabbat

Muttar – permitted

Nafkaminnah – practical difference

Niddah – a woman during menstruation and for 7 days after until she immerses in Mikvah

Oilam – the world, the ppl around you

Oiver – to be oiver means to transgress

Pasken – to provide a legal decision

Pilpul – splitting hairs in an extreme manner

Pumfakert – just the opposite

Segulah – superstitious Jewish belief that doing something will magically bring about a desired result

Shailah – question

Sheitel – wig

Shidduch – a match (for marriage), dating

Shita – specific view on a topic

Shiur – lesson

Shtim – work in tandem without contradiction, go together

Shver – hard, father-in-law

Shvigger – mother-in-law

Stam – basic, simple….

Takka – it is so

Tayva – desire

Tichel – headscarf

To Hold By – subscribe to the views of, lend credence too

Please add your own…..and feel free to correct existing definitions.

Hat tip @marksofla

Thanks also to @daniopp@jonathan_meola, @yeshivaguy, @DovBear, @esteelavitt, @RabbiGoldberg.

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I just got one of the nicest compliments ever…On Twitter, there is a meme that we do every Friday, we suggest people for others to follow, based on subject matter, or just because we think they should be followed.

One of my followers (ie a Twitter friend), @crowfer, tweeted this this morning

“#FollowFriday: @hsabomilner Because she’s a really nice person who’s fun to talk to + her tweets remind me of Erma Bombeck, and I love Erma”

I am beyond moved and touched. What a comparison!! Erma Bombeck!! What a great way to start my day!! Thanks @crowfer!!

What a difference a day makes….

For the two weeks that I was off coffee I had no energy. I dragged myself around and felt that my get up and go had got up and went.


Yesterday I had a cup of coffee and I had energy to clean house, I got all the laundry done after a cup of coffee today, met up with friends for lunch, and still had energy left to clean and cook when I got home. Not quite Lynette on Ritalin, but close 😉 Last week this would have been very tough.


Maybe caffeine is a wonder-drug, but it isn’t speed or amphetamines, and it seems a harmless way to get stuff accomplished in my day. I don’t regret falling off the decaffeinated wagon!


We had a tweet-up today which was so fun. EmetElisheva  and KosherAcademic  and I all met up at the Cavendish Mall for an hour, over poutine.  I had never physically met KosherAcademic before, neither had EmetElisheva. We all three are bloggers and we tweet too – I connected with KA over FaceBook through KvetchingEditor, and EE and I have been friends for years, EE and KA connected through Twitter. It’s a small world, this blogosphere of ours.


Girlies – I had a lot of fun – I look forward to meeting up again soon.



I have been using this service for a while and am totally hooked. www.twitter.com Why do I use it? It helps publicize my blog and it also helps me connect with likeminded people around the globe. Many people use it just for social networking alone, some to advertise their businesses and some use it just to spam you repeatedly.


I found this awesome article  by @HilzFuld that explains the why’s to use Twitter. Those of you not yet tweeting – hop on over and read it. It might get you into the TwitterVerse.


Those of you who tweet already – what made you join? Are you finding it as useful as you thought it would be? Tell what’s been the biggest benefit to you.