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Letter Writing Campaign

It’s been almost eleven months since the KoD and I were married. 11 months where we have spent maybe 70 days total together.  We are both beyond frustrated that we are not yet able to live together under the same roof. We started the application process to procure visas for myself and for my sons to move to the States soon after we were married. We were told it would take a maximum of 5 months. We have been in touch with the offices of the local congressman, and more recently, our local Senator, Charles Schumer. We have been told we just have to be patient and wait our turn.

I am reaching out to you, my readers, for your help. Those of you who live in the States could really be of assistance. If we get enough people to write to our Senator mentioning my case (I would supply the text) and asking for this to be looked into it might be enough to expedite matters so that we are reunited as soon as possible.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Do you want to help us out? This would be a tremendous mitzvah. If you wish to have the opportunity to partake in this effort, post below that you wish to join. Then please send me an email to InThePinkBlog@gmail.com including your full name and email address. I will then forward to you the text of the letter to send to our senator. I will ask that you not share these details with anyone else. The more people that you can ask to join us, the better the outcome will be.

Thank you so much, from me, the KoD and the princes.

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Immigration Update

As you know we have been waiting for visas to be issued in order for us to move to New York to live with the KoD. Legal permission to move the kids has been obtained, the only obstacle has been waiting for these visas.

The KoD and I have been married now for over 8 months, and we sent off our papers as soon as we could after the wedding. It’s been months of form filling and more form filling. We did our medicals, and applied for police certificates and did everything that has been asked of us.

All we have been waiting for is an interview date. We have been told that we will be granted the visas at the interview, or within a day or two thereof. Every day I go to the mailbox hoping for a letter with the interview date. Every day I get disappointed. Every day I try to hold it together, as being apart from the love of my life is really tough.

The KoD is as impatient as I am, and getting answers from the consulate when you are a private citizen is next to impossible, even though you have paid mucho dinero to apply for your visas. So KoD decided to contact his local congressman and see if he could do something to help us. Couldn’t hurt, right?

A member of the congressman’s staff made some phone calls and wrote some emails. He really worked hard to get us an answer. He wrote the KoD today, enclosing an email from a senior consular official.

It’s not awesome news, but at least we know where we stand. There are hundreds of people ahead of us in line, and he reckons that we won’t have an appointment for another two to three months. That brings us into January / February of 2010. Basically to a year after our wedding. Ouch. But the truth is without the congressman’s staffer’s intervention we would have no way of knowing when. While I am sad (ok crying big hujungous buckets of tears) that I have to wait another couple of months, having a time frame helps. It also helps to have had confirmation from this consular official that we have qualified for an interview, that there are no papers or forms missing, and that we are in the queue.

Mixed blessing I guess…..now to tell the kids….oy….

Thank you to my darling KoD for doing all you can to get us down there with you. We love you and miss you.

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Immigration Update

Now, now,  don’t get all excited. I have no date. I did however get a letter in the mail this morning from the US Consulate which I had hoped contained an interview date. It didn’t. However, it shows my application is at the right place. (She grits her teeth and repeats her mantra “silver lining, silver lining, silver lining”)

Now, in order to get an appointment I have more forms to fill in (oh joy), send back, and THEN they will send me an appointment date. According to the website that the awesome KoD found, the processing times from when they have received all this new information until Visas are issued is 42 days. Which means at least two months until we can move. (She grits her teeth and repeats her mantra “silver lining, silver lining, silver lining”)

Now, I wish they had told me what stuff I would need earlier so I could have gotten hold of it and had it all ready to send back straightaway. I ran around today getting a police certificate / criminal background check done. They asked for long birth certificates for the kids – did that round the corner from criminal check place. I had to use a service in the UK for a police certificate for when I lived there up until the age of 21. Hopefully all of this stuff will arrive within the next two weeks. They make you sign a checklist that you have all of these things. I will have to do more passport photos for the kids, I moved up the medicals to next week so they can not only bleed me dry financially but physically too, I have to prove that I have somewhere to live in the USA – not hard, I have to prove the kids have somewhere to go to school – I have acceptance letters,  KoD has to provide his financials, I have to provide marriage and divorce certificates, passports, birth certificates, proof I have custody of the kids and am able legally to move them. PLUS the five forms they ask to fill out online and print out the confirmations and send them in. Piece of cake.

I am exhausted and half broke…all these certificates cost money and the service for the UK was extortionate. What choice do I have? It’s an investment in our future. All donations welcome 😀 (She grits her teeth and repeats her mantra “silver lining, silver lining, silver lining”)

I am hoping to be able to send off the package as soon as possible. I just want to be with the KoD already.

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Immigration Update

It’s good news. We heard just before Squiggy’s barmitzvah last week that our immigration had been approved. It was something the KoD saw online – he checks the USCIS website daily, and he saw that the status changed from “pending” to “approved”. He received the official letter yesterday.

So he called the National Visa Centre to find out more details. Our file was delivered yesterday to the US Consulate in Montreal. We have to wait now for us to be given an appointment. We have been given NO indication how long a wait that is, but we are hoping that it is quick. I will try and speak to a human being (as opposed to the automaton on the phone system) today at the consulate to see if I can get an answer.

Thankfully it is all moving forward, as it should. I have started the big clean out, the giving away of unnecessary items, am making decisions on what furniture I am shlepping and what I am selling / giving away.

The delay in moving IS frustrating, but I am channeling all of that energy into packing up the apartment and raising my boychiks. These are good headaches to have. BH it is not a question of IF we move, only of WHEN.

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