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7-11 Hot Dogs – Two (Messy) Thumbs Up

We just returned from 7-11 where we ate supper. Yep. The local 7-11 in Monsey has started selling Glatt Kosher hot dogs for their kosher-keeping consumers.

It felt extremely weird to walk into a 7-11 with the express intention of buying hot dogs, almost as if I was doing something wrong. But there are signs everywhere that the kosher hot dog counter is under the rabbinical supervision of Rav Zushe Blech.

My boys, being kids, order plain boring hot dogs (one had a spicy sausage but no condiments) but they said they were great. I ordered the Jerusalem dog which came with chummus, coleslaw, pickle chips & sweet pepper strips. You can choose what type of hot dog – Hot & Spicy, Polish Sausage or Regular. I chose Hot & Spicy.

Four hot dogs, excuse me, four kosher hot dogs – $14.80. Not bad, not bad at all. I can see the kids now asking me not only to shlepp them there for slurpees but for hot dogs too. But they are not the healthiest thing on the planet, so it won’t happen that often.

However, I can definitely see that 7-11 hot dogs will be a positive reinforcement in the boys’ life – keep your room clean, and we can go get hot dogs at 7-11; fold your laundry – hot dogs; good school report…. you get the picture.