Could you pretend you even care?

So the Shabbat before the wedding I ordered in food because it just made it easier for everyone and hopefully would not add to my stress 2 days before the wedding. Guy I have dealt with for years without a problem quoted me on the food. It was reasonable (kosher food is never cheap) and I agreed on menu.


Before they delivered I call up Mrs FoodGuy and ask her how much to prepare the cheque for – and the bill is one third more than it was supposed to be. I hit the cotton-picking roof. 2 days before the wedding my stress level was at an all time high I guess! So she says “well, the food was weighed and that’s what it cost”. I don’t have the food so I can’t verify that she is right or not. 3 hours before Shabbat the delivery guy shows up, with a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t ordered, which I sent him back with, told him to credit me with that, as well as what I had ordered.


I will not deny that the food over Shabbat was delicious and plentiful and everyone had enough to eat. His food is good, always.


I went today to get back what they owed me for the food they had delivered and I had sent back. I wasn’t going to quibble over the price – food had been eaten, was good etc, but I wanted to understand how there was such a difference in the quote and the reality. The “man” sits there, slouched against the counter, doesn’t even bother to greet me. We get the credit out of the way. I asked for an explanation. “well, I wanted to make the meal lavish for you” – um, hello, mr guy with the filthy tzitizis straining over your big fat belly, I didn’t ask for lavish, I asked for decent, and if I had wanted lavish I would have been prepared to pay for lavish and you know what, I would have ordered lavish from elsewhere because if you were gonna charge me such damn inflated prices I would have gone to a better caterer, got exactly what I ordered, and not been pissed off 2 days before my freaking wedding. And you have the temerity to just sit there looking bored as you don’t even bother to hide the fact that you screwed me out of a chunk of money and there aint nothing I could flipping do about it because getting my pound of flesh from you right after my wedding was not first on my list.


I tell you something, fat greasy tzitzis guy – I will definitely NOT be ordering anything from you ever again…but I know you won’t even miss my business.

2 responses to “Could you pretend you even care?

  1. I’ve had my “issues” with caterers too…
    Once they’ve prepared your food, they pretty much have you over a barrel….and the KNOW it.

  2. That is terrible! I hate how people take advantage of others, espcially in these lean times.

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