Awesome Mikvah Video

To learn more about mikvah please click here. To learn more about Mikvah Chana – click here.

9 responses to “Awesome Mikvah Video

  1. not that i know first hand (yet) but the mikvahs in israel do NOT look like that. you’re lucky if it’s sanitary.

    • Not true. Some Israeli mikvaot are quite nice. Others, less so. Some are downright gross.
      However, this holds true for American Mikvaot as well. This video shows a VERY nice mikvah. I have been to ones that have all the ambiance of a swimming pool and some I would not willingly step foot into again. I think the greatest part of this video is about getting women who’ve never been to mikvah or even considered it, to give it a try. And the results of their being spiritually connected to their predecessors, continuing in additional observance at whatever level, etc. speak highly of this mikvah’s success, which I, for one, appreciate.

  2. There are mikvahs in Israel that look pretty close to this, I know of at least 2 that do. As well, some luxury hotels have their own mikvaot that anyone can come use.

    • Can’t wait to get married then! The only mikvah I know of in my neighborhood is on Ha’Ari Street in Jerusalem. I know the mikvah keilim is gross, and I’ve heard the person mikvah isn’t any better.

  3. shualah elisheva

    i am desperate to try the ivria mikvah in israel. so. very. desperate.

    it’s STUNNING.

  4. Really amazing. A couple of generations ago, mikvah was one of the first mitzvot people in America stopped or were phobic about, very Puritan. I’m glad and amazed to see the changes.

  5. It’s a nice fluff piece and the mikvah itself looks beautiful, but I didn’t feel like it actually said anything about the mitzvah. Saying “it’s so beautiful, it’s so wonderful, try it, you’ll like it” doesn’t really tell the viewer anything about it’s meaning or what the practice entails in any way shape or form… I don’t know, I didn’t think it was that great.

  6. I am so wanting to go to THAT mikvah. Beautiful. I do go…just wanted to add that…but never to something that luxurious…

    The Chabad in Crown Heights is building a spa/pool/mikvah that also has my mouth watering.

  7. i hate going to the mikveh but do it anyhow bc i want to keep the tradition and am afraid of G-d. would like to build my own so i dont have to deal with all the crap of the extra added humrot.

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