Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

Customer Disservice

Now, come on big credit card companies – don’t you want my business? You wanted me to have a GoldCard – I would love one. Problem is, the person you had call me obviously doesn’t have English as a first, second or even tenth language. I could barely understand a word he was saying. I asked for the supervisor – now that was weird, they called me, yet I took control of the conversation. They don’t like that over there in credit card hell. But you know what, the supervisor’s English was not that much better. Do they not screen these people first? So finally I understood that they wanted to give me a gold members card, for free, but needed to read me the conditions. You know how when some people read there is no change in tonality? Well this person was reading English (I know because he asked me which language I would like my information in, maybe I would have understood if I asked for it in gibberish) in a total monotone. I ended asking them to just send me the information in the mail – but they can only do that if I agree to taking the goldcard and then if I disagree after reading the blurb I can cancel it..what? what is this world coming to??