Daily Archives: June 18, 2008

Spa Day Spa Day

I am being treated to a day at the spa, and i am told that i must rest, relax and rejuvenate, and allow myself to be pampered, allow others to do things for me. (why does that not sit well with me, why can’t I give myself permission to be spoiled??). I would never have scheduled this for myself, but i have had the gift certificate since my birthday months ago and the kids finish school tomorrow, so it seems like the right time.  Hm, maybe i am afraid i will like it too much and want to go back every week….

Ok, my savta used to tell me that in order to be a good mother, i have to take care of the little girl inside me too. So, off i go to get pampered and pummelled (oy a good massage – can anything beat that? maybe if the masseuse is good i shall bring her home with me and have her at my beck and call).

Let me leave you with a question – at the spa, when you go, do you tip? should you tip? how much?