Smile and the world smiles with you

It’s funny how a smile can change your day. I am a grumpy piece of work first thing in the morning, as the little princes and KoD can attest to. It takes a job-lot of coffee to sweeten me up on a regular morning and even then they know to be very gentle.


For some reason, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, I woke up this morning with a smile. Before coffee. Unthinkable, absurd, but it happened. Of course the enterprising princes (not all but some) took advantage of the situation and asked for lunch money, play date permission or some such request. They Carpe-d their Diem….good for them.


But I have had this contented smile on my face all day long. People notice. An old codger at the dollar store tried to strike up a conversation with me, by complimenting my hat. I told him thank you as I walked by, to which he said, “no, thank YOU for the smile”.


You smile at someone on the street, unless they are a real grumpy guts, they generally smile back. Of course they think you are absolutely insane for smiling at all and sundry but still, it cheers them up.


On my way out this morning I smiled at one of the janitors in my building and he walked into a wall. Poor Roberto!


I am just hoping this upbeat mood lasts – I am seeing my KoD this weekend, in about 47 hours (not that I am counting or anything).


So people, just smile at the people you see today, bring a little joy to their lives. It will make you feel better.

5 responses to “Smile and the world smiles with you

  1. lady lock and load

    Poor Roberto…I pity him once KoD gets a hold of him. He’ll be lucky if he just hits the wall. You know kings can get jealous too! LOL!

  2. A great way to get over a bad mood is to just smile. You might not be feeling it, but it does kick in eventually and softens the mood. I have heard this is also a good way to get over an argument with a loved one. Even though you might not feel like they are worthy of a smile, smile anyway.

  3. lady lock and load

    If I want to smile, I just read “In The Pink”. Works every time!!!

  4. Lady LnL – i think Kings have their minions do their dirty work for them 😉

    Z! – i cant imagine you and R ever being in a fight. plus your smile turns the sunshine on!

    Lady LnL – you are so sweet…..your comment made me smile.

  5. B’H, R and I are blessed to have positive outlooks and are able to overlook alot of small stuff. It isn’t always easy to work together. We really see each other nearly 24 hours a day, but we truly enjoy each other’s company. BUT, we do get snarky and cranky and tired and crazed sometimes. WOW, we’re human!

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