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Walking down memory Lane / Proposals

I was at the bakery this morning and bumped into Mrs K. I haven’t seen Mrs K since I was freshly divorced and blonde with pink highlights (oy vey). We had a long chat in the paper goods aisle, and I caught her up on my life. She was so thrilled for me when she heard I had got married. Asked about how the kids like the KoD. So I told her the truth – that they absolutely adore him. Then I just had to boast about how, before he proposed, he asked the boys privately if he could marry me. It had touched me so much that he did that, and showed how important the kids were to him. Then he got down on bended knee….. click for the Full Story.

So it got me thinking – how were you proposed to? How did you propose? If you are not yet married – how would you like to be proposed to? Did you do / do you want the whole bended knee thing? What would you have changed?

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