Walking down memory Lane / Proposals

I was at the bakery this morning and bumped into Mrs K. I haven’t seen Mrs K since I was freshly divorced and blonde with pink highlights (oy vey). We had a long chat in the paper goods aisle, and I caught her up on my life. She was so thrilled for me when she heard I had got married. Asked about how the kids like the KoD. So I told her the truth – that they absolutely adore him. Then I just had to boast about how, before he proposed, he asked the boys privately if he could marry me. It had touched me so much that he did that, and showed how important the kids were to him. Then he got down on bended knee….. click for the Full Story.

So it got me thinking – how were you proposed to? How did you propose? If you are not yet married – how would you like to be proposed to? Did you do / do you want the whole bended knee thing? What would you have changed?

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37 responses to “Walking down memory Lane / Proposals

  1. Lady Lock and Load

    “Asked about how the kids like the KoD.” Something bothers me about that, why is she asking that, is it her business? What if they didn’t, G-d forbid? Do people always ask you these personal questions? Sheesh!

    • yes they do. they also ask when I am going to have an “ours” baby too. Hence last week’s flashcards lol. I am proud to tell people that the kids love the KoD. It’s a testament to his awesomeness!

      • I never would have even thought to ask about an “ours” baby! How funny (although probably not to you)

      • Hadassah,

        I am sure that whether or not you have an “ours” baby will be an internal decision. Right now everyone else should keep out of it.

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    Honestly Hadassah, if I were you there would be many heads rolling in Montreal if they asked me all these questions. MYOB! I think the pink burka should have MYOB printed in bold letters on it.

  3. i took my last lawschool final of the year a day early and flew up to NY to surprise my fiance. she made plans to meet one of her single friends in a restaurant but when she was shown to her table, i was there waiting…

  4. it was our last night of our year in Israel. We were waiting for the sheirut to pick us up at about 1am, just hanging around my apartment (he was waiting to help me carry my luggage down, and then he’d go over to his apartment and carry his own!). He suggested a late night walk. We walked over to the Windmill overlooking the Old City, where we’d had our first kiss….and the sweet boy quoted Mishnah and got down on one knee!!!

    The best part was, this was before cell phones. We told ONE friend in Israel before we got on the sheirut and my parents (who knew) and best friend (who didn’t) via phone in the USA. By the time we got to the airport, when we ran into someone, THEY knew, and by the time we got back to the USA about 24 hours later, the whole WORLD knew!

  5. My hubby proposed to me during Pesach. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know exactly when. We had decided to spend the Yom Tov together, getting to know his family, and just when it seemed that there wouldn’t be time, he tricked me!! He took me to a grocery store and left to “get the mail”. He met up with me back at the store and we drove off. He took me to a secluded look out point near the Verrazano bridge and surprised me with balloons and a dozen roses! I was so surprised! I didn’t even let him get through the proposal. I kept saying YES!

  6. Lady Lock and Load

    Lord Lock and Load was too chicken to propose…I had to do it for him!

    • he was afraid of you even then?? so tell us the deets…

      • Lady Lock and Load

        On February 13, 1984, we were at Moshe Peking, and at the end of dinner the waiter brought us chinese fortune cookies. So Lord Lock and Load tells me a little story of this guy who put “will you marry me” in the girls’ fortune cookie and that is how he proposed. soooo…I open my fortune cookie. Mine said “ignore previous fortunes” Ha! His says “Marriage is a lottery but you cannot tear up your ticket if you lose.” Double Ha! So I look him in the eye and say “Lord Lock and Load, are you trying to tell me you are ready to get married???” (I did not like this beating around the bush AT ALL) so he said YES! The end

        • it’s actually quite a cute story!!

        • I like this story. For two reasons, one, it’s cute, and two, Moshe Peking was my favorite restaurant – used to go there once a year with a distant rich relative of my dad!

          • Lady Lock and Load

            It really was a nice restaurant, too bad it closed. We went there on our eighth date, and we didn’t speak in between dates either so it was pretty quick.

  7. I proposed to my husband over the phone, ha. We had just gone to a music festival, his first, and our second night there, there was this huge thunderstorm, and he still ran around the festival all night with me hanging out with various people and having crazy adventures together (like walking a mile up a road in the forest in the pitch black in 2 feet of mud to get back to our tent with only a crappy flashlight, giggling and saving each other from falling the whole time). I knew camping wasn’t really his thing, and he just agreed to go cause he knows how much I love it (he goes to one festival with me each year, I go to 3-6 each summer), anyways we had been living together for a few months, and had been talking about marriage in a theoretical some day in the future kinda way, but later that night while lying in my tent in a thunderstorm in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hippies (whom he’s not a huge fan of either), I knew I really wanted to marry him. But he was sleeping and I didn’t say anything to him until we got home. Then on Monday, while I was leaving work, I called him to come pick me up from school (like I do every night), and while I was literally crossing the street, on the phone I was just like “Hey, we should get married for reals” and he was like “sure!”. And that is how I proposed to my husband . 🙂

    • aw – sometimes i wonder if most women really want the huge production that is immortalized on TV. this sounded so perfect for you guys. “for reals” ? Love it!

  8. I’ve been lurking on your blog (I’m not Jewish, but really enjoy your writing) – but had to comment on this entry 🙂

    My fiance told me that he had a business trip coming up, and that he would be away for a few days. The day before he was supposed to leave, he told me that actually, I was coming with him. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going till we got to the airport.

    Turned out we were going to Paris (!) – as soon as we got there, he took me to Sacre Couer and proposed. He’d been planning it for months, and I had absolutely no idea. He’d even organised everything with my work and they were in on the secret as well. It was perfect 🙂

    We then had a two week holiday in Paris and then in England – it was so lovely. Now it is only 2.5 months till we get married!

    • what a lovely romantic story! Paris?! you can’t top that. So awesome. Congratulations!! and thanks for de-lurking!

  9. I picked her up from work (surprised her)… the first thing she said was “this was the worst day” (I was thinking this is perfect)…her day at work actualy was terrible, she complained the way (tons of tons of traffic)….

    I got the key to her apt from one of her roommates and decorated the dining room earlier in the day with white cake, heart cookies, heart chocolate , pictures, seashells we collected, bride doll (which my kids still play with), flowers….

  10. Hadassah,

    I told you the details of my proposal in the e-mail I sent you. Now I’ll tell the blog…

    My wife and I met through the Internet one summer day in 1999. She had seen a profile I had posted on one of the Web sites. She called me and we talked for a while and got some preliminary information.

    We finally met on July 28, 2000. (She lives in Pittsburgh, I live in Memphis.) I had her fly down for a few days. During my trip, I knew that my searching was over, as we got along so well. I flew to Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend and proposed to her in her condominium. I did not get on one knee, but I knew what I wanted to say and she accepted.

    After that my parents and I flew up to Pittsburgh where some of her friends threw us an engagement party, Nancy flew to Memphis to help prepare for the wedding, and on June 10, 2001, we were married.

    And 8 1/2 years later, I love her more than ever…

    • that last sentence made my eyes tear up… so very sweet.

      • And she loves me more each day. She is more open with her feelings than I am, but we know that it was really worth waiting for (unfortunately, we should have met years ago).

  11. I negotiated. Carefully. Very carefully. Ask her next time you see her. Then I go down on a knee with a ring.

  12. I knew my husband would propose at Disneyland, I had no idea how. He presented me with a Minnie Mouse veil hat when we entered the park. At dinner he got on one knee and presented…an empty box! Before I flipped out he told me to take off my hat, tied behind one ear was the ring I had worn all day, and still wear 10 yrs later:)

    At our wedding he again bent his knee, presented my 4yr old daughter with a locket and asked to be her Daddy. She’s still Daddy’s baby girl:)

  13. omg phyllis-
    quoted mishna…

  14. My now husband and I were living in different states. I had moved away to take a job, but we both knew we were headed this way. We were flying all over the country to see one another. When he suggested we meet in Vegas, I was pretty suspicious. But he managed to surprise me. We had a wonderful dinner at a fancy restaurant and then walked around for awhile until we got to the fountains in front of Bellagio. A beautiful song played — Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli — which is not about saying goodbye at all. I turned around and he was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring. He asked me if I would do him the honor of being his wife. He was crying, I was sobbing so much I couldn’t even get the word Yes out! I walked down the aisle to that song.

  15. We were taking a walk on the beach on a gorgeous spring day. Joe asked to stop to sit and look at the ocean for awhile. Once sitting he said, as he was skooting in front of me on his knees,”There is never a perfect time or place or words. I love you and want to love you every day for the rest of my life.” He went on to say that it did not matter what we did or where we were, that we are together iswhati most important. He was incredibly sweet and was telling me in a romantic way that it did not matter that i have nasty chronic illness, he loves me,wants to be with me and that is that. We cried, i said absolutely! Our wedding date is April 18th!

  16. SN’s proposal was supposed to be a surprise, but my mother couldn’t keep a secret, so she told me the night before. So then I had to make believe I was surprised. He didn’t do anything elaborate, it was very direct, we took a walk, then sat on a bench and he took out a bracelet in a gift box and said he had something for me. Then he asked if I’ll marry him, and I of course said yes. But beforehand he did call my father to ask permission for him to marry me.

    And I think that’s adorable how KOD asked your kids. 🙂

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