It is with great pleasure that the four delicious and delectable sons of Ms Hadassah Sabo announce her very recent engagement to Mr King of Diamonds. The couple were blessed to have met through the internet, on Frumster, a scant few minutes before Ms Sabo decided to give up her Frumster membership. KoD had emailed her asking if she still wished to correspond, since she had removed her profile. She replied in the affirmative, and a relationship was born.


KoD is a lovely man, and he proposed to our mother in the most romantic way possible. He asked us first, in secret, if we would give him our mother’s hand in marriage, and when we all enthusiastically agreed, he had the green light to ask our Ima.


KoD went down on bended knee, in front of us while we lit candles and took pictures and jumped up and down and were totally hyper, and asked our mommy to marry him, and he had a ring and everything! Ima was crying so hard she forgot to say yes, so we said yes for her!


We are so proud of our Ima, and we love her so much, we are just so thrilled for her and for us and for her King of Diamonds. Ima found herself a wonderful gem of a man, one who is going to treat her as she deserves to be treated, and in a manner to which she can definitely become accustomed. She found herself a dude who can Wii – ‘nuff said!


Welcome to the family King of Diamonds!!!!


(Ima, do we have to wear a suit for the wedding….?)


35 responses to “FANTASTIC NEWS!!

  1. wow, very sweet!

    Mazel Tov once again!

    So glad to see you all happy!

  2. woo hoo! SO EXCITED FOR YOU — all of you!

  3. Hadassah,

    Mazel tov from all of us? May you both be blessed with health, happiness and fun!

  4. I am so happy for you, all of you.
    Ima was crying so hard she forgot to say yes, so we said yes for her! Lol
    I also like the bit about KoD being able to Wii. Certainly an asset with four boys!

  5. Mazel tov!

    And, yeah, I could see the grimaces on boys’ faces about suits to weddings… Sounds like KoD will be a great stepdad to your four.

  6. David v' Frumma

    Ah, but more to the point, now you are going to be step mom to…….

    …..A GIRL!

    Being a mom to four boys is a piece of cake in comparison! 🙂

  7. WOW, Can’t believe I missed it and couldn’t post it in Havel Havelim!!

  8. wow. Didn’t you just take yourself off of frumster like a month and a half ago? So how long have you been dating this guy? Why have we never heard of him before? How much do you really know about him?

    This just all seems to sudden…maybe that’s how frum dating works, but I worry that you may be jumping into something too quickly. Most people can hide huge personality flaws if you’ve only been dating them a month or two (especially if you’ve met on the internet). My best friends (frum) mom dated someone from frumster and got engaged very quickly, only to find out when they posted the engagement announcement on onlysimchas that he was driven out of his community for suspicion of child molestation (and they ended up breaking up)

    Please reassure me, cause I’m worried about you here..tell me you’ve been dating this guy for a while but didn’t want to blog about it. Tell me that you know a lot of people who know him in real life. In which case, congrats and welcome to the madness of wedding planning (again) 🙂 If you want to have a small inexpensive wedding, I’m now the expert of planning those, so I’m always around to chat. 🙂

  9. eden, sweetie – yes we have been dating for quite a while. i did not blog about it for i did not wish to tempt fate. plus i rarely blogged about specific people i was dating…. i did all the background checks, all the fbi / cia stuff, i spent time in his community, i know all there is to know about his baggage as he knows about mine.

    this is a well thought out, non impulsive decision on both our parts – we both have kids that we have to put first, so it was not done without a lot of thought and introspection.

  10. mazel tov to all of you!!!

  11. You already know how I feel about the whole thing but here’s another big MAZEL TOV! I am SO HAPPY for you. We were driving in the car last night when I read your news and I shrieked so loud that I scared PHD!

  12. I just can’t stop smiling for you guys, MAZEL TOV!!!!!

  13. Heard about it from Super Raizy’s blog- long time reader, never commenter- but Mazel Tov!

  14. Mazal Tov, I wish you all (grownups and kids) a lot of love and happiness together :o)

  15. Mazel Tov! May you build a beis neeman b’yisroel

  16. ok well then in that case, yay!!!! 🙂 Congrats! 🙂

  17. MAZAL TOV!!! A bit late, I know, but since my comp died I had lost my list of blogs. Anyways, better late than never and I wish you much hatzlcha!

  18. I don’t know what happened to my comment, I submitted it hours ago, but I’ll try again…
    Mazal Tov! I am very happy for you. Lots and lots of happiness to you all!

  19. Mazel tov to you, your sons and the chattan and his family. Your friends and readers wish you every bracha as you undertake this new and wondrous journey together with Mr. King of Diamonds.

  20. i have to admit i was thinking what abandoning eden was thinking and i was glad to see your response. not that it’s my business of course.

    “we both have kids”

    you already have 4. so how many in total are we talking about here?

    will you be streaming live the wedding?

    מזל טוב

  21. LoZ seven in total, including two of the female variety….

    as for streaming the wedding, that takes someone with technical know how – ie, not my dept. but KoD has been deputised to find out how / what / etc

  22. And where are you all going to live, if I may ask?

  23. so is it too soon to ask when the wedding is going to be? 🙂

  24. Mazal Tov! Someone beat me to it, but I was thinking you should have a virtual wedding. Or at least “live blog” it.

    Mazal Tov!

  25. Mazal tov to both your families! I wish you and yours much happiness and contentment in your marriage and throughout life.

  26. Wahoo! How exciting 🙂 This came as a total surprise to me … but YAY!

  27. Mazel Tov, everyone!!!!!!! Manny blessings, May you have only blessings. I glad you dated and didn’t blog about it.

  28. Hadassah and Ira, i am sooooo excited for you both and all your beautiful children. Along with all the happiness i have for you, i just have to say i am really gonna miss those late night calls, of you telling me about, all your Frumster Flops and FaceBook Freaks. Oh Man !!!! there were sooo many. the memories will live on forever. Those adventures were all just steps that had to happen in order for you to find your amazing King of Diamonds, and to really appreciate him. ohhhhh, but how i will miss it all. where should i begin to remind you of all we have endured together???? Maybe i should begin with the best one, NEW YORK, NEW YORK he definately was great in that performance,lol!!!What about the one we call the C.I.A. Fruit Mkt Follies, how can we ever forget,lol!!! what about the LOOONNNGGG chair, that was dedicated to absolutely, NO ONE in particular. OH,OH, my favorite was the Wine Bottle delivered with the SPECIAL CODE. He was definately the hottest one, well you know,until Ira, of course. i am laughing so hard as im typing this, what about the one we call Flatbush Fun, that might have worked if it werent for the brother, lol. WAIT!!!!! i almost forgot the guy we call DELI, known for making that great PICKLED TOUNGE, YUCK!!!!haha!!he should be careful, all those DIFFERENT spices will surely make him sick one day… cracking up, remember Julia and Susie, what special souls. I have to admit, i dont know what i am gonna do, now that you will be busy with married life. one thing we know for sure, we cant call it Frumster Flops anymore, because this is a real Frumster Follow Thru. Only GREAT things to come for you and Ira….hugs and kisses babe.

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