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I will not be blogging much in the next few days as I am leaving for New York for an extended weekend with my KoD. The kids have mid winter break and are spending it with their other parent. I had reserved a rental car at the beginning of the week at a good rate, but yesterday I cancelled it. Empress CaresALot called me, and asked if I wanted to drive down with her and her kids as they had a family simcha to attend. Heck Yeah! Her timing fitted in with mine, the schedules aligned perfectly. Such a gift from God. Usually I have to do the drive alone. Sometimes I relish the peace and quiet. Sometimes, well, I start talking to myself to relieve the boredom. So to have a driving partner and built in entertainment (the kids) is just phenomenal. We will be cranking up the 80s music and singing at the tops of our lungs.

I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen today baking 144 chocolate chip cookies for my KoD and my boys. It was a great feeling watching the boys walk in the door after school, sniff the air and jump into my arms thanking me for baking them their favourite treats. Then they tried stealing them when my back was turned. Which of course, I did not notice at all. Nu uh! (For the recipe and how-to pictures for the chocolate chip cookies go over to my fan page on Facebook- linkage up top, on right).

Have an awesome weekend everyone, I hope to be back to blogging by Tuesday, if not before.

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Help me out here, parents!

How do you stop the bickering and the fighting? Two of my kids seem to resent the other one even breathing the same air. One looks at the other and it’s “what are you looking at me for? Ima, he’s watching me. Ima, he’s breathing on me. Ima, make him stop!”

It just seems like they are oil and water sometimes. Separating them helps to a point, until they come back into shared space and it starts all over again, over nothing.

So those of you with more experience than me, can you give me some tips? Help me regain some of my sanity?

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How many did you date?

In recent conversations with a friend, who is in her twenties and married, she happened to mention that her husband had dated almost 50 girls before he met her, and she had dated almost 20 guys. I was kinda shocked. I mean, I dated too, but I didn’t count how many failures I had! It just seems like an awful lot, but apparently when you do shidduchim it’s common. Since that conversation I have been trying to work out how many guys I dated before each of my marriages. By dating I think I am supposed to count each first date. Not phone dates, or internet chats etc. Each person that I met in the flesh, as it were.  Just bear in mind I did NOT shidduch date either time.

So here are my numbers. First time around I was 20 when I got engaged. I had dated 7 boys including the one I married. Second time around I was significantly older and wiser and well entrenched in my 30s. I did a lot of internet dating as most of the eligible guys were in NY. But I actually went out with 7 and married lucky number 7. To me that’s a lot in 18 months of serious dating.

Do people keep some kind of a log? I am sitting here counting on my fingers, wondering if someone was so forgettable that I….forgot him.

So, care to share your numbers?

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Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

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