Those of you who wear sheitels – which do you wear? Synthetic? Custom? Human? Blend? How much is the most you have ever paid? I am wishing I could afford a custom human hair wig that looks more natural than anything I have ever worn. Ethically, I am opposed to spending so much money on a wig, but practically I know that the $1500 US wig will last for years if I take good care of it. The most I ever spent was $500 CDN on a great synthetic sheitel.

So sheitel wearers, let me know your experiences, and whether it is even worthwhile considering making such a huge purchase.

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13 responses to “Sheitels

  1. I have been married 6 years and have bought 3 wigs. 1 – real hair $1,200 with a $300 discount, 2- fake hair, probably $25, 3- real hair $1,100. The third wig is the best one. It is a Freeda and I love it. The first one is a backup and the second is in the trash. After a while it just got yucky.

  2. I have been married for 11 years and I am on my 4th human hair sheitel.

    The first was a semi-custom 3/4 that I loved and it lasted for a long time. Probably because I barely wore it (I was into hats at the time.)It was $600.

    My second was a very expensive mistake. It was a fully custom, $2100, full wig, that I got from a local sheitel macher. I was never happy with it and it knotted constantly. Since the sheitel macher was a friend of a friend (and I have confrontation issues), I never did anything about it. But I had to suffer in silence, because my dh is STILL not over the price tag. I wore it everyday for almost 5 years, and it has finally been retired.

    My third is a Jacquelyn, full custom that I won in an auction. It is now my dressy sheitel. I like it a lot, but don’t love it.

    My fourth, a Milano, is my favorite. It was the easiest to buy, is incredibly comfortable, was only $500 and looks amazing. You can go to their showroom in Brooklyn (when you move to NY!) or they have sales around the Yom Tovim and Chanukah in different areas. Here’s a link:

  3. As a man, the custom is really nice and worth every penny. About $1800USD.

  4. From your photos – your wig lokos amazing – I dont think you need to get anything new.

  5. I’ll say what many of your readers are thinking but too polite to say out loud.

    1500? for a wig??? Are you crazy???


  6. Lady Lock and Load

    Yes, but if you spend money on a wig it lasts longer than cheap stuff. Some people like to buy cheap and replace every year. I like to get something and then wear it a long time, no patience to shop, get it cut, etc.

  7. MII got here first!

  8. if i lived in Israel I wouldn’t wear a wig. wearing scarves and hats and mitpachot is totally acceptable in all professions and no one looks at you strangely on the street if your hair is covered. unfortunately in chutz laaretz, we have different challenges.

    • Oh, I agree with this one! When we make Aliyah, my sheitels are being retired!

      I don’t care about the looks on the street, but the “sheitel jobs” kill me.

      MII, that’s what my husband said when I bought my custom! But honestly, when comfort and self-esteem are at issue, then you pay.

  9. I always say buy quality bc it costs less over time…if you can find something you love for less that’s great…but if you need to spend some money up front (and you are able to, unlike moi who is young and starting out), then go for it….bc if you spend $1800 and wear it even 5 days a week nearly every day of just one year, the cost per wear is only $6.92!!! And a good quality one will be worn more frequently, and for longer and help you feel special while fulfilling an impt mitzvot!!! Just my two cents 😉

    • I meant, if you wear if 5 days a week every week of the year…that’s 260 wearings at a cost of $6.92 per wear…I live with a very frugal doctor…we do a lot of these kind of math problems….currently calculating yontif costs….grrrr

  10. “wearing scarves and hats and mitpachot is totally acceptable in all professions and no one looks at you strangely on the street if your hair is covered.”
    You don’t actually work so the professional issue is not an issue.
    There are tons of people who wear hats for fashion – no-one will look at you strangely.
    So why do you need a wig?

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