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How to read the Frumster profiles

Willing to relocate? Maybe – if you are pretty enough and rich enough, maybe I will drag my a$$ over to where you are for a casual something, or maybe not. I really don’t know whether you are worth me moving across state lines for, but I don’t want to totally discount the notion…….what was the question again?


I am driven / goal oriented – I am a workaholic, so you will need to understand that dating me works around my own schedule. Your life will always take second place.


I am cute – I have such an inflated ego, that even I believe my own PR!


Young at heart – I am really really old and I don’t even have my own teeth.


Well rounded – have plenty of extra meat on me


I don’t agree with the hashkafic labels – I am a total hypocrite, therefore I cannot claim to belong to one group or the other.


No baggage please – I have enough of my own emotional crud to deal with, please don’t expect that I would adopt yours too, even if it is designer luggage.


I can’t describe myself, you need to meet me to know me – I have absolutely no communication skills whatsoever, and no idea of who I am or where I fit into this world.


I am a kid at heart – I never grew up.


Do you have any more to add?

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Haveil Havalim #180

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