Daily Archives: August 30, 2008

Dating Decrapitude!

There is a lovely boardwalk in a city not too far from me. The benches there have inscriptions on them. There is one bench that bears the legend “For The Love of My Life”. This is a special bench. This is a bench that a date took me too, that he hadn’t ever taken anyone else to before. It was here that he pledged his undying love and devotion to me. He proved it by letting me see his very important and private special place. He let me be moved by it. “For the love of my life” – how absolutely corny can you get? Looking back in hindsight – amazing how my vision is now so totally clear – I can see that this must have been his SOP – Standard Operating Procedure. I bet he took girls there every week and practiced that line, got the right mood going with a twilight walk, a little picnic, telling them sweet words they want to hear. Putting his hand over his heart when he looked in their eyes. (oh I am so gonna barf). Taking the walk to the bench, him getting a little misty eyed, telling her what couple he thinks organized this “for the love of my life” inscription. Oh puhleeze. Why do us women fall for this romantic crapitude? We get all shaky legged and doe eyed when the guys look a little sensitive. They know how to reel us in. Ladies, we have got to stop falling for this stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love romance, wining and dining etc – but the corny lines? Save me please. “You make me feel like I am 17 again” – I have news for you buddy, I have heard that line from so many guys you must all have read it on a bumper sticker. You are not 17, and I wouldn’t want you to be. I want a man who knows who he is. At 17 your cerebellum had no control over you. No thank you! “I look into your eyes and I can see your soul” – vomit vomit. Actions speak so much louder than empty words.


I dunno. Maybe I am just jaded – too many bad dates. Too many romantic movies. Whats your take?

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