Movies in Sefirah?

I wrote yesterday about the mourning during sefirah. Mostly people do not cut their hair, listen to live music (some are machmir and don’t listen to any music) and we don’t hold weddings.

Interestingly enough, I grew up being taught that it was also forbidden to go the movie theatre during this time, and one could only shop for clothes that one absolutely needed. (I grew up very modern, not right-wing at all). I had some conversations recently with people who grew up on this side of the world and they had never heard of the ban on movies and clothes shopping in sefirah. These are people who attended yeshivas and bais yaakovs.

So, people, what is the story with movie going and sefirah?

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7 responses to “Movies in Sefirah?

  1. i believe it is not in the spirit of the law to go to movies during sefira. obviously, it wasn’t banned by the rabbis years ago b/c there were no movies back then!

    some very frum ppl. would argue that it is never permissable to see a movie but personally i try to refrain from seeing movies during this period unless it is a Holocaust movie or the like…

  2. does that mean no Glee 🙂

  3. lady lock and load

    What is the difference between watching a movie at the theater and watching a movie at home? I don’t watch movies at home or at the theater during sefirah, but just curious.

  4. My parents don’t allow any TV or movie watching during sefirah.

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