How Many Do You Really Need?

So I am having a very productive day of decluttering. It’s extremely cleansing in some ways, but in others – well, it makes you wonder how you can get attached just to a thing?!

Anyhow, we have approximately 100 benschers (booklets for Grace After Meals) in our collection. (plus 75 or so that somehow did not get given out at one of the barmitzvahs). Some of the marriages commemorated on these benschers have ended in divorce. Some of the barmitzvah boys are fathers themselves, some of these people I don’t even remember.

How many does one really need? And if I choose to get rid of the rest – do I put them in sheimas, or will there be a community organization that would be glad to have them?

How many do you have?

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13 responses to “How Many Do You Really Need?

  1. lady lock and load

    keep the ones that are meaningful to you, from special friends, the rest put in shaimos. And beware, benchers have a habit of mulitiplying, Boruch Hashem for simchas! So the less you bring the better. Like at the most twenty?
    My problem is that I have alot of books and have no room for them! In fact, I have a book I thought would be perfect for your boys, hadassah, I will let you have it if you are interested. Kosher and clean!
    Congrads on the declutterification!

  2. I only have the one I was given by my best friend after I decided to convert. I suppose I’ll have another one after my wedding. Our community doesn’t give them out for bar mitzvahs.

  3. I would call a couple of local organizations (Hillel comes to mind) and see if they want them. After that, shemot box’em if no one wants them. Good for you on decluttering!!

  4. My cousins only will use the store bought benchers, because they have too many benchers from couples that led to divorce. If its people you don’t talk to any more, and its not a really nice bencher, than sure get rid of it. But if its a really nice one, and you don’t have any others of it, then it might not hurt to keep it.

    I bet there are a bunch of shuls that would take donations of old benchers to use during events

  5. I rarely bring them home anymore because they pile up and eventually we have to PAY to put them in shaimos. If there’s a pretty/useful one, though, I take it home.

  6. We got rid of a ton of ours before we moved to Montreal. You can also try local restaurants who often need bentchers available for their customers.

    Otherwise, it is to shaimos it goes.

  7. If you, or your sons, know anyone going to Israel for(any reason) and if they have the weight in their luggage, you can send them with them. Putting things like that in geniza is free here. I kinda guess it has to be considering the number of Shabbat sheets that get printed, only half of which ever get distributed. But if you don’t want to have to pay for them to go into shaimos(?)[don’t really know what that is], this is an option.

    As far as your local shul, it is probably a long shot, because they get stuck with all the ones that get left behind by the people who already have too many.

  8. shualah elisheva

    is sheimos like a genizah? i = confounded.

  9. How about recycling the 75 bar mitzvah ones? If you’re able to easily remove the cover , you could replace them with a new cover for the next bar mitzvah boy, saving you money in the process?

  10. In the olden days, we used to take home two from every function we attended. Then, we decided to skip that outdated practice, and we only took the ones we actually liked. Finally, we realized that none of these really matched what we were looking for in a bencher, so we came up with the best solution. We identified a bencher that we wanted to use (with a hardcover binding, so it would last), and bought up a collection. Subsequently, we bought bookplates, wrote our family name on and stuck them in the inside front cover of each bencher. Now, we have a nice set for ourselves, our guests and our family occasions. Of course, your guests won’t be able to take them home as mementos, but then again, they’ve already got too many (so you’re actually doing them a favour!)

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