Slice of Life

Today was cleaning day. I know, every day is cleaning day when you have kids. But today I had a lot of extra energy that I needed to vent on something safe, so I attacked the bathrooms and the carpets etc… The kids all pitched in to help according to their capabilities (if you come over and can smell the Fantastik everywhere, well, Squiggy was removing fingerprints from every wall and light switch…with lots of elbow grease (What does the bottle of elbow grease look like Ima?)).

The little one woke up late, and was therefore playing catch up. I scrubbed their bathroom down, and exited to hear the most beautiful sound. He was davening (praying) shacharit (the morning service). I never usually get to hear him as they daven in school. He was at the beginning, singing out the brachot, one by one, and I loved that I could answer Amen to every single one. He davens with such kavannah (concentration) – seems that his mind doesn’t wander as much as mine does! He is only 8 but I hope he keeps this enthusiasm for always.


4 responses to “Slice of Life

  1. Very sweet, what a nice treat for you!

  2. What a wonderful image …. my 19 month old said Amen to my bracha when I bentched licht over the first days of Succos. I was in tears – it was so sweet! Mazel Tov on your visa news! Chag Sameach!

  3. I love that kid!!!!

  4. Delightful! It’s always great to catch the kids doing something meaningful without them knowing a parent/teacher/etc is watching (because when they know you are watching they always put on that act “I’m too cool to be doing something meaningful”)

    Daveda, also delightful!

    Last shabbat, we were at my parents sukkah for lunch and when we washed for motzei, Son 5a surprised the heck out of me. Usually I tell him the words for the netilat yadayim bracha and he repeats them. This time I started and he continued till the end pretty much on his own!

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