Don’t Touch My Cake!

I have been resting up, and generally not overdoing things (too much) but at some point this afternoon I had a hankering for a piece of the Devils Food Chocolate Cake I had made for Shabbat.

I went down to the kitchen to find that SOMEONE had eaten it all. There was nothing left for me. Just a few little crumbs and a shmear of frosting left on the cake stand.


I found out who the culprit was and I ordered him into the kitchen. I told him that seeing as he finished the cake that I wanted a piece of, it was now incumbent on him to bake me a new cake. He cracked up laughing, this son of mine. However, I made it easy for him. He didn’t have to make it from scratch – we had a cake mix in the pantry.

The house smells divine – cake’s almost ready to come out. I will have him frost it too when it has cooled down.

So, do you think he will ever eat the last piece of cake again, or will he have learned his lesson??

27 responses to “Don’t Touch My Cake!

  1. Of course he’ll eat it – but next time he’ll frame someone else for it! 🙂

  2. lady lock and load

    next time make TWO cakes….cause one DH mix is not enough for four hungry boys and a hungry Ima! 🙂

  3. Yes, I am convinced he will do it again, BUT you did a great service to your future daughter-in-law. But please, next time, have him make it form scratch. Those cake mixes are just expensive and don’t help much.

    ps: and teach your other sons also how to bake & cook. It’s just part and parcell of being human.

  4. I think that now he’s figured out how easy it is to make cake from a box, you’d best get him a gym membership. 😉

  5. What I find hard to believe is that you got a teenage boy to use an apron while he made the cake–I could get mine (at that age) to do a little cooking or baking but never into an apron.

    • he used the apron because he did not wish to do his own laundry which he would have had to do if he got his fave t-shirt dirty after I had told him to use an apron. Resisting the Ima is futile!!

  6. Oh, I think he will have learned some kind of lesson. He now knows that you will require that he make a cake if he didn’t leave any for you. (Incidentally, kol hakavod to you for standing your ground regarding the cake!)

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that the lesson here shouldn’t be about finishing the cake, but about cleaning the empty cake stand?

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