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Wearing make-up on Shabbat is quite the issue for the frum woman. Most women I know put make-up on before lighting candles, and they put it on thick enough that it will last through a night of sleep and still look somewhat fresh in the morning.

There are laws about what make up you are allowed to apply on Shabbat, and which you are not. I am not a rabbi, far from it, and I do not even pretend to be able to tell you exactly what you can and cannot do. I have always winged it with the extra eyeliner before Shabbat… but it does tend to smudge by Shabbat morning.

I know for me I hate leaving the house without eyeliner. I feel I have nice eyes that are enhanced by my kohl liner. If I am dressing nicely, as I tend to do on Shabbat, I feel unfinished when my face is bereft of make-up. It’s the one day during the week that we are all together without rushing off anywhere, and I want to look my absolute best.

What to do?

Along came ShainDee cosmetics. She’s a godsend, folks. ShainDee has come up with a line of cosmetics that can be applied on Shabbat, and can be applied preShabbat and last throughout the day of rest. She also has rabbinical approval for her products AND many of them are kosher for Passover.

ShainDee sent me a lovely selection of products to try. I applied lipstick before Shabbat, convinced that by the end of the next day my lips would be totally dried out by the lipstick. Not so. Not only did the lippy last, my lips still felt soft. The eye make-up lasted too, and didn’t smudge all over my face as I slept.

I also received a list of instructions of how to apply the make up on a regular day, and how to halachically apply the make up on Shabbat. No need for a bare face on Shabbat anymore – I can enhance my eyes to my heart’s content, and know that I have the Rabbi’s blessing.

Additionally all of ShainDee’s products are hypoallergenic and fragrance free – perfect for my ultra-sensitive skin. The prices are more than reasonable too.

How can you get your hands on this make-up? Go to to check out the full product line, and LIKE ShainDee on Facebook.

Author’s Note: I received free product from ShainDee cosmetics and was  compensated to write this post.


9 responses to “ShainDee’s Cosmetics

  1. I wish I lived closer. I would have loved to see what they sent. I do not wear makeup very often. Sometimes I wear an SPF bronzer or go full out for a special occasion (lipstick, blush, powder, no foundation) and my super sensitive skin will develop a mini zit even after removal. I am curious enough to get these and peruse them.

  2. I’ve been using her products for years & yes, I LOVE being able to halachically wear make-up on Shabbos even though I never seem to be able to keep my eye liner on too well especially when I wear contacts…

  3. Great review, Hadassah! I have the type of face that literally eats off the make-up after 1 hour. It just disappears no matter how much I put on. And the black eye liner smudges and gives me bags under my eyes. Since I started using ShainDee’s Shabbat long lasitin make-up this problem has resolved. The eye liner really doesn’t smudge and the powder foundations really have lasting power. I am so happy!

  4. Please explain why putting on makeup for Shabbat is now allowed. thanks.

  5. I have a question for you Hadassah on a similar topic: permanant makeup. I personally know orthodox (and haredi leumi) women who have makeup tatooed on to their face. I thought the halachah was that tatoos are an abomination. What is that all about? Can anyone provide insight?

    • Ariela: tattooing of words (e.g. names of false gods) is prohibited. Strictly speaking, anything else is allowed (but frowned upon). WRT permanent makeup – it’s not even a design and it isn’t really permanent either (lasts only a few years).

  6. Malka, there are still those who don’t feel it’s acceptable but the blush/lipsticks & eye shadows are in powder format & apparently don’t have oils in them is what I heard.

  7. Shabbos makeup! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Is there not a halachic issue with people seeing you wearing make-up on Shabbas and thinking that it is acceptable? (I am totally ignorant as I don’t wear make up).

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