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Goodbye to you, my trusted friend….

We gave Lucille back last night. Since then Terry Jack’s song Seasons in the Sun has been playing in my head. A little dramatic to be sure – no one’s dying here – but it just seems appropriate. Sniffle sniffle.

We rode her a lot this week, after the KoD came home from work. The freedom that she brought us was immeasurable. Feeling the wind blowing my headscarf out behind us, feeling the throb of power under us, holding tight to my sweetie as we traversed the countryside being one with nature, that’s a feeling we will never have again, unless we ride once more. Not yet having our own bikes, I don’t know when that will be if ever. But I totally enjoyed being the KoD’s “back warmer”. Driving in a car (a cage) just doesn’t give you the same freedom or any of the same feelings.

FWIW it is totally possible to dress tzanuah (modestly) while riding a HOG. You just need to dress smart. Last night KoD surprised me by taking me out to dinner on Lucille. I didn’t want to show up all grungy at the restaurant, but I also didn’t want to try to sit on the bike in a tight skirt – impossible and dangerous. I wore a long black flared skirt with leggings underneath, and as soon as I was sat properly on Lucille, I tucked the skirt under my legs for extra security. The helmet went over my headscarf – I just had to be careful when taking it off that my headscarf didn’t come off with it. (There was no way I was gonna wear a wig on the bike, that’s insanity). With the wind my skirt blew around a bit, but I just tucked it back in. and I have to say there is something soooo cool about walking into a kosher restaurant carrying a motorbike helmet. A religious biker chick – that’s me.

So, thanks again, BikerDude!

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Slice of Life

Sometimes grocery shopping is boring and mundane. In fact, it mostly is. Today I ran to the local kosher establishment to get some groceries for Shabbat, intending it to be just a grocery run. So I am standing in line waiting my turn for stuff from the deli counter, the chassidishe music blasting near me. A bewigged lady in black is ahead of me, and behind me an ancient-looking rabbi type – long white beard, dark suit, white shirt and payes down to his pupik. Rabbi Pupik appeared to wink at me, but I told myself it was a facial tic. Then I glanced back to see him tapping his foot with the music. I cracked a small grin. Suddenly he throws his arms up, lifts his head to the heavens and starts to dance like he is at an einekel’s (grandson) wedding with a joyful beaming grin on his face. This dance lasted maybe 20 seconds, but oh how it lifted my spirits and left me with a smile on my face. Good for you Rabbi Pupik!!

kugelI went next door to what I call “My Kugel Place” – their potato kugel tastes exactly the same way that my Savta’s used to taste. It’s a necessary stop for me when we are eating at home for Shabbat. Must have me my kugel. So I walk in, and a voice calls to me from the back of the store. “Can I help you?” I peer around, and the very jolly chassidishe counter person is sitting on chair at the back of the store, with the other (teenaged boy) counterperson in front of him, backwards on a chair. Chassidishe Dude has a hand held massaging device and is using it to ease the tension from the teenage counterperson’s back. I wasn’t the only customer in the store, and as each person came in they yelled out “can I help you?” only getting up from their comfortable positions when someone needed something. I have to say because of the aforementioned dancing I was in high spirits so this was just funny to me, and I joked around with them. “sorry to disturb your massage but can I have some……”. We joked around that they should put a sign up front – free massage with your potato kugel order. It could totally bring more business their way!!

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Interesting Development

I need time to digest this and put my thoughts together on it – but I wanted to know what YOU think.

Israeli Rabbis Back Gay Parenting

please read the link and comment here. thanks.

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