It’s Curtains!

Shower curtains that is! As I mentioned yesterday we are sprucing up the house and taking care of stuff for the big testosterone influx (my boys) with the addition of a little of my own estrogen. (At least when the KoD’s kids come over there will be more pinkitude in the house…then we will be 6 males and 3 females…)

I really didn’t like the shower curtain in our master bathroom – it was old and ugly and just plain yuck. So we agreed to get a new one. On the left is the one I really wanted. Somehow, the KoD didn’t agree that it was appropriate for our bathroom. It comes with a whole matching set of accessories that are absolutely gorgeous. But I guess seeing as we share this bathroom, it is a little too girlie to foist on him. Just a little. We ended up getting a really lovely white hotel quality curtain that looks very decent and elegant. But it took us a long time to agree. I tend to go more towards the chintz and the pink and the flowers and the lacy things (go figure) and he leans towards the simple yet elegant. At least we finally agreed on the shower curtain.

I had wanted to pick us up some new bedding as well. I think we shall have to shelve that idea for now. Everything he liked I hated as I saw those patterns as too masculine and too plain. And the patterns that I liked, well, they were way too ……. different to what he wanted. What is wrong with maroon and gold, I ask you? And dust ruffles are totally necessary to keep the dust at bay, they are not just there for looks, right? After a while of looking and comparing I decided it just wouldn’t be right to be one of those couples that had a loud difference of opinion in Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s only bedding, right? Not worth the fight. What we have is functional, if not exactly what we both like. In time I am sure I will be able to find something that we can both be happy with (or I will wear him down, whichever comes first. Just kidding).

I guess that’s what happens when you have two opinionated people married to each other. We each have an opinion, we each respect the other person’s right to have an opinion but really wish that it gelled with our own!! Still, I am glad that so far it’s only bedding patterns that we disagree on.

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11 responses to “It’s Curtains!

  1. QoH, looking at this shower curtain again, I am SO glad that we didn’t get it.

  2. LOL- indeed may this be the biggest of your squabbles and I like how you brought it right into the blog too!
    But seriously- it’s JUST A SHOWER CURTAIN!! (We have a glass door 😉 )
    I am lucky that R generally likes my style and I like his. Renovating the house was a breeze cuz we agreed on style and he lets me choose colour.

    • Lady Lock and Load

      I also have a shower door, I love it.

      • my shower here in Montreal has a door, but I must confess I have a very girlie shower curtain hanging over it as decoration. But it is a PINK bathroom….I am enjoying it while I can….

        • Lady Lock and Load

          wow hadassah you are a real girly. I find it ironic that I am a real tomboy and have only girls and you are the girly with only BOYS, G-d has a good sense of humor!
          Lord Lock and Load doesn’t care about home decor and wouldn’t notice if I covered the house in purple and pink as long as dinner is ready when he comes home!

  3. guess the honeymoon is over!

  4. @KoD, how did you do it? We have a RED bedspread.

  5. @HSM, I would unscrew the rod from the walls if something like that went up in my shower…..

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