Step Parenting Advice Part 2

Two people get married. One brings biological children into the family home full time. The other parent’s children visit occasionally, let’s say every second weekend. How does one prevent the non custodial children from being jealous and envious that the other kids get to live with their biological parent full time?

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5 responses to “Step Parenting Advice Part 2

  1. First remember that it will take time for everybody to feel comfortable with this new situation.
    Then maybe the biological parent must reserve some time for his kids to be alone with him when they visit. This might help them to still feel special.

  2. There really isn’t much you can do should jealousy arise.
    I definitely wouldn’t try to do anything particularily different when the full time live-in-kids are around. This might cause some hostility and jealousy between the kids by “showing favourites”.

  3. I agree. They have to be made to feel like it’s THEIR home and THEIR relationship with their parent hasn’t changed. It would be easy to feel replaced in such a situation. I have heard it’s easier when the other children befriend the “every other week” kids…and keep in touch with them throughout the time they’re apart.

  4. It’s best to plan a special activity for any/all kids each weekend. It doesn’t have to be expensive- but something that will make their weekend memorable. If you are busy making memories, the kids forget to be competitive. Also, the biological parent can take the “every other week” kids on errands with him/her to give them some special alone time with their parent, without causing jealousy in the full time kids.
    Shirley Cress Dudley, MA LPC
    Blended & Step Family Coach

  5. We’re in the same situation over here… We plan special activities when the kids come to visit, I think it keeps them from over thinking things

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