Want to place a bet?

I joked about live tweeting my surgery. Well, I will be under anesthetic so unable to tweet. However several interested parties have mentioned that they wonder how long it will be until I tweet / FB etc after surgery.

Now I did verify that there is WiFi (free even) at the hospital, and I can also use my smartphone in certain areas of the hospital.

So – a 90 minute surgery, under general anesthetic. How long will I stay off the interwebz?

9 responses to “Want to place a bet?

  1. Slightly random, but brought on by the idea of live tweeting during surgery. Channel 955 in Detroit sponsored a guys liposuction on the condition he would allow a live video feed of the procedure.

  2. Just be really careful about autocorrect and post surgery meds. Hadass could tell you what I called her on her birthday…

    I think I was online 6 hours post-op – from the ICU, mind you. If you feel like doing it and have your electronic gadgetry with you, it’s definitely doable! 90 minutes? Hmm. It’s not the length of the surgery, but whether you’ll feel up to being in position to type/text on your phone. If you can do it without straining your neck and arms, I give it… 3 hours! I’ll start the bets! 🙂

  3. 3 hours? pffft. I say however long it takes for her to be out of recovery. 30-60 minutes tops.

  4. I’d say, why don’t you see how you feel before you start making promises? We hope you’ll feel good after surgery but it IS surgery and you might need to rest for a bit before getting online. My friend was sore for weeks after similar neck surgery. Also, as you’re well aware the nerves in your arm connect to your neck and they probably deserve a vacation. Hopefully, the surgery will mean they don’t but just in case surgery is an excuse to take it. And get pampered by KOD and the boychiks.

  5. In Israel they allowed me to remain awake during a colonoscopy, so I got to see the inside of my intestines LIVE on the video screen! And despite asking to remain awake each time I’ve had one in the USA, they’ve all laughingly said no and put me out for the duration of the procedure.

    And 20 years ago while having surgery on my hand to release a stuck tendon, they woke me up mid procedure (while my hand was still completely open and the tendon fully exposed) to ask me to attempt to move the finger in question so they could see the tendon slide back and forth properly after being loosened. So I got to briefly see my tendon and then they immediately put me back to sleep.

    And twitter didn’t exit at the time so no live tweeting, but I would have tried!

  6. I just wish you refuah shlemah and place no bet.

  7. Thanks, folks…these descriptions are enough to make one sick… 🙂

    I’m with the Jewminicana…don’t rush yourself back into blogging/Tweeting/FBing, etc. Besides, you need to be careful what you say under recovery because you know that anything that goes into cyberspace stays in cyberspace… 😉

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