Well, it is Chanukah and everyone knows that Judah Maccabee was the big hero of the story. I have been thinking all week about everyday heroes, who mine are, who mine were whilst growing up.


My primary hero is my mother. My mother, as most mothers do, sacrificed so much in order to raise us. I don’t think I quite understood the depth of a mother’s love until I became a mother myself. Once I became a single mom struggling to raise my kids, I garnered a newfound appreciation for all that my mom did and continues to do. Mum – thank you for inspiring me!


Next are my kids. They are my little heroes. Have you ever watch a child learn to do something, like tie their shoes? Their little faces are so determined, their character so stubborn – they will keep at it until they get it right. We lose that drive by the time we become teenagers. Children look at things in such a unique light – the joy they have in seemingly mundane moments is a lesson for all of us. We may just see a rainstorm, but they see angels having a shower, they see G-d crying because children are going hungry (one of my kids explained rain this way) – they see the catalyst for plant growth. My children have inspired me to look differently at life, and to appreciate everything that I have been given.


And yes, KoD is my hero, my caped crusader, my knight in shining armour etc. (you can all roll your eyes, but Superman ain’t got nothing on my man!). He is my hero and my champion. He believes in me. He would walk through fire for me – although I don’t plan on testing that particular theory. (I wrote a heck of a lot more, but then I deleted it because I didn’t want to be responsible for mass barfage….suffice it to say that KoD is my superhero….’nuff said!)


Now this is going to sound a little off the wall, my friends, but I am one of my heroes. Yes, you read that right. I look back on the past few years (I wrote about it here) and see how far I have come. I didn’t do it alone, not at all, but all the work that had to be done – well that was all my doing. Had I not wanted to emerge from the living nightmare that was around me I could have chosen not to make the effort. I made the effort, and I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. I look back on my accomplishments and am proud of myself. Yes I have plenty I still need to work on (time management / taking on too much / perfectionism……etc) and I am far from perfect (don’t tell the kids) but I am proud to be me.


One of my friends once called me her hero and I felt embarrassed. At the time I told her, I am just being me, I am nothing special. She proceeded to explain to me just why she sees me as her hero, and I had to accept it. There are people in our lives that even through being just who they are, they inspire us to be better, they give us the impetus to change something for the positive. A hero isn’t just someone who leads his people into battle and emerges victorious against all odds. A hero can be an ordinary person living an ordinary life – but one that touches you somehow.


Who are your heroes?

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  1. Oh no, I guess nobody has a hero!

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