Coffee woes

I am currently trying to decide whether to give up coffee or not. My stomach cannot really tolerate it – even the low acid stuff. I am weighing up the pros and cons – is the stomach ache worth it? Does coffee really make me human in the morning, or can that be achieved by other means? Would tea achieve the same effect, but be easier on the tummy?

Yes, this is huge. I love coffee with a passion that borders on the obsessed. We know this. But my poor little tummy is not a happy camper these days. I have cut down my coffee consumption to one cup in the morning. Occasionally I will have a second cup ….. but not often.

Being me, I would quit cold turkey which would be hell for those around me. I know I should taper off….

Ugh. I cannot believe I am actually seriously considering this. It feels like sacrilege. I did it 18 months ago or so….but it didn’t last.


17 responses to “Coffee woes

  1. I cut out coffee without even intending to, once. Mind you, no one ever saw me without a coffee cup in hand – and then one day, I didn’t even want it. It seemed kind of nasty, acidic, and unpleasant.

    Because I’d been drinking two liters of water, every day, steadily throughout the day, for a couple of weeks. I was no longer dehydrated. Somewhere along the line, I forgot to drink all that coffee (coffee is a diuretic, too, so it just adds to the dehydration, making you think you need more and more and more…COFFEE! Wrong…) Anyway, properly hydrated, coffee doesn’t even sound remotely appealing to me. What I thought was a need for caffeine was a need for water. And with enough real WATER in me, I didn’t even have a “caffeine withdrawal headache” from NOT drinking coffee. I didn’t “taper off,” either. It’s more like…one day, I just forgot to drink coffee anymore.

    Guess what? I’m back to drinking it. It’s amazing how easy it is to lapse into old (bad) habits and think it’s about something it’s not – like work stress, need for a little “pick me up,” or even just enjoying the flavor of bad office coffee.

    To avoid the headache, grab yourself a big ol’ water bottle and get properly hydrated before cutting out the coffee. I’ll bet if you imbibe pure water on a regular schedule (at least one liter a morning and one in the afternoon – more if you’re working out or spending time outdoors) – you’ll soon crave the coffee less.

    • i could drink all that water and not flinch……pre-kids. Now, my bladder is just wincing at the idea!! 😉

      I need the hot drink in the morning. I need the caffeine rush to open the eyes and banish the grumps. I guess I shall just have to take an extra dose of grumpitol.

  2. lady lock and load

    Caffeine injections? A caffeine IV drip? A caffeine suppository? I don’t tolerate cranky neighbors on the block ya know….;)

    • you don’t tolerate cranky neighbours, eh? what you gonna do, Lady Lock and Load, send wild turkeys over to bother me?? 😉

      • lady lock and load

        I will have to look at my book of spells and cast an incantation to protect your home from all witchy grumps and make them all awake and happy. Sorry hon, only one witch allowed on the block, and I was here before you! cackle, cackle!

    • LLL, a caffeine SUPPOSITORY?! You’re going to put that thing WHERE?!


      I guess if someone were addicted enough to coffee, they’d try anything… 🙂

  3. tea is a much gentler caffeine than coffee if you really need some liquid grumptiol.
    i will not hesitate to lecture you just as you would me if you don’t listen!

  4. I had tummy issues with regular coffee, and believe it or not, I switched to the dark roast, and my issues have gone away. I heard a clip on our local radio station months ago, about dark roast coffee being easier on the stomach 🙂

  5. Try the dark roast. If that doesn’t help try Irish Breakfast or another highly caffeinated tea. They work just as well. Water’s a good trick, too. It does help banish the headache that comes from lack of caffeine.

    Do you drink your coffee with milk/cream/half & half/non-dairy creamer? If you don’t try that too. The liquid in that should help with the acid issues.

  6. I’d give tea & chai lattes a shot as you try to ease out of coffee. I hope you can do it!

  7. I was able to quit smoking cold turkey after 9 years. Cant say the same for coffee… Good Luck!!

  8. Aren’t there other means of absorbing coffein, like patches or sweets, instead of coffee?

  9. Trader Joes has a low acid coffee. Also try Yerba Maté, perhaps. It’s the only “tea” that ever worked for me when I tried cutting down on coffee. Now i am back to coffee, but that’s another matter 🙂

  10. When I went off coffee, I drank hot tea with milk. For me, it wasn’t close enough. I’m currently brewing a decaf blend from Starbucks, and it’s been good to me. Personally, I need the smell of coffee to help me feel human in the morning. Good luck! Hope you find something that works!

  11. Her Royal Highness,

    Though I myself was loathe to do so I did it over a month ago!
    I am here to report it can be done. I left my 3 morning cups and daily Diet Coke for the goodness of water. I drink it by the gallons and am able to rise and shine sans the crawl to the coffee pot. I lived for that luscious smell and yet now I wake and am able to open my eyes without it.
    Much like you, I thought it high treason but also my own body was telling me that the time had come.
    I sometimes drink a good (though not thick) cup of tea–non caffeinated for an early morning’s warmth.
    Wishing you well on your path.
    Shabbat Shalom,
    IMA2FOUR 7

  12. I’ve also been on and off coffee, love it! But drink lots of water, dark tea with whatever milk/sugar you’d put in coffee. Another pick me up is natural ginger root seeped in boiling water as a tea with honey.

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