Gym Update (Ow Ow Ow)

Well, it feels like we joined the gym months ago, but it was three weeks ago? Maybe four? The KoD and I have worked out a routine of when we go and most of the time we have gone together. I work till 2pm most days, and we are at the gym by 2.30, home by 4 to be there to welcome the kids home after their long day at school.

Last week the KoD had to go on his own once or twice because I was sick, and the week before I went alone on Sunday and he stayed with the kids. I much prefer working out with him because even though he is a sadistic trainer, he knows what he is doing.

Today he gave me one heck of a workout. I have been home almost an hour and my muscles are still oscillating. He introduced me to a new apparatus – the stomach cruncher. The word torture was invented for this machine. My abdominal muscles are screaming…and I only did 3 sets of 5 reps…at 10 lbs!!

So the KoD has to show off and do 3 sets of 10 reps at 40 lbs. He had to tease me that I was being shown up by a guy so much older than me. (How old is he again? 76?) I said to him, he can only even begin to think of showing me up, when he is able to carry a baby in his belly for 9 months and then give birth and do that FOUR times. THEN we can talk about who is showing who up. Yeah, old man, shove that in yer pipe and smoke it!!

Of course the more I spit and growl, the more I kvetch and complain, the more the KoD laughs at me. He thinks I am sooo funny the way I call him evil and mean – but come on folks, saying “one more rep” does not mean you can get away with saying that a hundred times.

He mentioned today that someone should film our work outs because I am so darn cute when I hiss and gripe. He giggles so much when I give him the stink eye. Must be love…

I have to say though, I feel good. I really do. I was having some stomach issues for a while, and it seems that working out has really eased the pains I was having. Still have to be careful about my diet and all, but physically I feel so much better. BH. That, plus I am getting some great definition in my arms, legs and stomach. Everything just feels so much tighter despite the fact that right now it feels as if someone twanged my muscles really hard.

I think I have a new addiction, folks, but this is a healthy one 🙂 .

13 responses to “Gym Update (Ow Ow Ow)

  1. QoH, NO PAIN, NO GAIN!! 🙂

  2. lady lock and load

    Hadassah, don’t worry. Soon you will be strong enough to CLOBBER the KoD, and you will train him! The student will outdo the teacher!

  3. Kod, you for rent? How much for the hour?

  4. That’s awesome. I always feel best when I am beating my body up. That you and KoD can do it together is fantastic! I wish my husband could be around to work out with me!

  5. LOL! Keep up the updates at the gym!

    KoD, when you get that video, post it… 😉

    It’s really good that you two can work out together…I guess if Hadassah doesn’t kill him first, I think it’s going to work out great…

  6. lady lock and load

    I think men and women work out very differently. Men are into weights and the machines exclusively, while studies have shown that women prefer group classes or working out with someone else.
    I personally find classes more enjoyable than the machines. I need a challenge for my mind not only a challenge for the body, and this way the time working out is pleasurable and the time goes by quickly. The classes incorporate weight training and toning and cardio, so it works for me. It’s nice to actually enjoy working out and not looking at it as a chore. And yes Hadassah it is very addictive….a healthy addiction!

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