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I got an answer


Remember my rant about passport pictures? Initially I got a standard email saying thank you for your email, here is 7000 bonus points for your Optimum card (in store card that accumulates points towards money off), sorry for your trouble. I just received the following email now.

Dear Hadassah Sabo,


I apologize for any inconvenience that you experienced.  Concerning your complaint for the passport pictures:


The official Pharmaprix policy is that we do take passport pictures of children.  However, it takes a person with a degree of expertise to take the pictures due to the fact that many children passport pictures are in fact rejected by the passport office for reasons such as poor lighting or shadows in the background.  Currently, we do not have a professional in place at our [local] store.


We take customer complaints very seriously here at the [local] Pharmaprix, so we will be sending our staff for training so that we can better serve you in the near future. 


Sorry for any and all inconveniences.



Gérant Adjoint-Expérience Client


Am I satisfied with this? I guess so – it addresses the issue and they have promised to take further steps to improve their service. Should I expect more?


Frumster Files #78546 – Heinous or Harmless



While out at dinner the other night I watched a couple that was obviously on a date. You could feel the nerves. It was kind of cute to watch them – he was trying real hard to be a gentleman and she seemed to be responding well. At one point there was a lull in the conversation. Even I felt uncomfortable. She got up to use the facilities. He whipped out his BlackBerry and started texting someone with such intensity. She was gone two minutes. She came back, sat down, and HE CARRIED ON TEXTING while talking to her!


You could tell by the look on her face that she was ticked off. He eventually put his BB away and their food arrived. 10 minutes later she went to the bathroom again. He put his hand on his BB and looked as though he was seriously considering texting but thought better. Was he texting the shadchun? Was he finding out the latest hockey score? What could have been more important than the woman he was with?


Heinous behaviour or harmless?


(I must add that on dates I have answered the cellphone only when it has been my children, but the men I dated had kids too, so they understood that.)

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