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How to lose a skirt

hadassah 001Note to self: when wearing comfortable clothes around the house, change before leaving to pick up child from Yeshiva. I am wearing a white gypsy skirt that harkens back to my heavy days, but I like that its loose, with a long sleeved tee and a cute short black dress over it….ok fine here is a pic (yes no face shot – I hated how I looked lol (vain much?)…..) .


It’s fine for doing housework and bumming around. It’s very comfortable. For hanging out.


School finished earlier than usual and when I got the phone call I flew over there to get the little ‘un. As I ran to catch the light to cross the street I felt my skirt get longer and longer around the ankles. I figured it was just flapping in the wind. I got to the other side. Skirt totally in a puddle around my ankles. Totally fell off me.


I casually bent down, pulled it up very demurely, and sauntered off whistling as if I had no cares in the world. I couldn’t even look around to see if anyone was staring, but it is a busy corner….Luckily I had that little dress on top…..otherwise my mortification would have been worse. Luckily this was before I had picked up my son, otherwise my embarrassment would have never have abated.


I think its time to give up this skirt…..or take it in….. but I doubt I will wear it again in its current state.


Who needs bentschers


Soundtrack for Lag BaOmer (aka Pyromaniacs Holiday)

The Doors – come on baby light my fire


Pointer sisters – Fire 


Billy Joel – we didn’t start the fire


Simply Red – Love Fire 


Sinead O’ Connor – Fire on Babylon 


Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire 


Van Halen – On Fire


Alice Cooper – House of Fire 


Peter Gabriel – Walk thru the fire


INXS – Girl on Fire 


John Mellencamp – Paper in Fire 


The Trammps – Disco Inferno 


The Platters – Smoke gets in your eyes 


Aerosmith – She’s on Fire 


KLF – build a fire 


Abba – Kisses of Fire 


Bob Marley – Slave Drive


Olivia Newton-John – Walk Through Fire 


Please feel free to add to my list…..

Solutions for this Mom!

A while back I asked you what worked for you in cleaning your house. I finally figured out a system that works for me. I work on the cleaning in 15 minute increments and then reward myself with 15 minutes of online time, TV time or reading time or just veg out time. I find if I break it up into segments it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. When you have a whole house to clean one thinks it will take forever. But it is surprising how quickly you can get it done when motivated.


Another thing that works is ….. panic! Erev Shabbat (Friday) comes every week and I like the house to be spotless for the Sabbath Queen. This past week my two oldest boys were home from school by 12.30 and although they were desperate to Wii or watch TV or do something else mindless to tune school out, for two solid hours they dusted and swept and mopped and helped with the laundry etc. And they did it without complaint. Of course it had to be a competition about who did more and who did it better, but they were involved and their help allowed me to finish the cooking and baking and to welcome the Sabbath Queen with a smile instead of an exhausted grimace.


I also have found that now that I am rising early to go jogging it is not as difficult to get motivated in the mornings. Add to that the fact that I am back on coffee – its win-win for everyone.

New Beginnings

by Lady Moore-Sabb

A seed is planted in the earth 
The nurturing begins. 
Nourishment has seeped inside 
A process from within.

A rupturing has taken place 
and stems begin to form. 
The extension from the seed proceeds 
to stretch out nice and long.

Subtly it makes it’s way 
along the chosen path. 
Pressing by each obstacle 
with all the strength it has.

Till finally it’s drawn above 
To reach the source of light.
To stretch beyond the prison cell 
that first secured it’s life.

The sudden change in atmosphere 
has brought a major jolt, 
a temporary settling phase 
for access where to grow.

The sun now beams in one on one 
to lead the scrawny sprout. 
while on the stem in pattern form 
the leaves can now stick out.

Then the leaves begin to spread 
and dress the modest star. 
It’s easy now for us to know 
what type of plant you are.

Your blueprint has been plotted out. 
You path is recognized. 
The buds you bare will finally grow 
to be a useful size.

Your beauty has been scripted 
from bulbs of long ago. 
Before me stands a tulip 
not just another rose.

How lovely are the leaves you bare, 
the color of your scheme, 
the shape with which you’ve formed yourself 
My vision in a dream.

You represent a world of change 
a need that’s now been met. 
The need to know I’m on my way 
Just haven’t got there yet.

Off the wagon


I succumbed about 10 minutes ago to a glorious piping hot cup of coffee. Two weeks without it was HELL. I have decided that I am to allow myself one cup of coffee per day in the morning to help me wake up totally ungrumpified. Now I know I can quit cold turkey if I want to.


I am not disappointed in myself – I made a choice. I thought it through from all angles. I think so long as I stick to my one cup a day all will be fine.