Boys will be boys!


I am quadruply blessed with sons. I am wondering if it is just my children or other male children (perhaps female children too?) that have a total inability to notice mess.


Case in point – their rooms needed *some* tidying up – the boys worked on their rooms for 15-20 minutes and said they were ready. Yes, the rooms looked slightly better than before, but still a lot of work needed to be done.


How hard is it to put clean clothes away? In the proper place? And to put dirty clothes in the laundry? And to have no clothes anywhere on the floor, dresser or windowsill?


I understand that when you are playing Lego you don’t want to clean up what you have built, but does there need to be 16,342 pieces all over the floor? Can’t you just take out of the box what you need and put the other pieces back? How many toy cars can you play with at once?


Answer me this too – they know I am going to check that they did what they were supposed to do. So why do they hide stuff under the beds? In the closets? Isn’t it just simpler to put things away as soon as they have no more need for them? In the correct place? That way when they need that belt or that pair of trousers or that book – it will be in the right place and we don’t have to throw a huge fit that “somebody keeps taking my stuff”.


Sigh. I refuse to go into their rooms and clean and organize without them being there, because I would just throw everything out, and then I would be hated forever, but the rooms would be clean and tidy and I would have less stress.


How do you get your tweens and teens to keep their space clean and tidy and organized?

12 responses to “Boys will be boys!

  1. Wait until they go to college and move out. Duh.

  2. so helpful, as usual, my friend. don’t you have a groundhog to catch? 😉

  3. I still don’t think its a groundhog if it as large as has been suggested. Best guess is a Nutria (aka Coypu)

  4. We are expecting our second boy anyday now. We never outgrow the propensity to cut corners when it comes to cleaning up. I am 39 and I still can’t walk the extra ten feet to throw my socks in the hamper

  5. Be thankful it’s isolated to their room and not the public spaces.

  6. ladylockandload

    Close the door to their room. That’s what my mom did.

  7. so i give up now? there’s no hope? is that what you peeps are saying? things will grow and start walking away…..

  8. Try giving them a check list. Having it in front of them on paper might help them to understand your frustration and your ‘clean needs’.
    Truly, having an unmade bed doesn’t bother me as it might some others, and piles of clean laundry don’t bug me much either… I like organised chaos. I KNOW where EVERYTHING is! So what if others do not?! If it weren’t for my hubby and my cleaning lady, the house would be far worse. (not that my hubby really cleans himself, but he does notice when it gets to be a mess.) I have learned to clean up my act, and I honestly like it better this way.

  9. i washed their linens today – they cannot go to sleep until they make their beds. we used to have a cleaning lady – i miss her. one day a week and the house would be spotless…sigh

  10. Tweens??? I’m pushing 50 and still am a mess 🙂


  11. thanks Mark, that gives me hope, NOT!!

  12. you wonder if it’s just male children- no, it’s female children too. my mother complains about my sisters and i all the time. and mind you, i think i clean up when necessary.

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